Raapie Road Tape Machine [free Combinator patch]

An interesting discussion is going on about modelled tape machines at ReasonTalk. But what’s more fun than to create one by yourself?

A while ago I created a tape-like peak compressor Combinator patch in Reason. Today I combined it with an extra module using The Echo for those lovely odd harmonic saturation. It sounds very tape like but it doesn’t wow and it doesn’t flutter.

Listen to the demo I have created for it. The first 4 measures are clean and the next 4 measures are with the effect switched on. The peak levels for both parts are matched at -1 dB. You can hear how it compresses the sound (louder RMS) and adds some lovely tape voodoo to the sound :D

And yes, it’s a free download!

Originally published at Melodiefabriek.