Want to be a Creative Genius? Your Goal Should be Progress, Not Perfection
Thomas Oppong

The artist only needs to ask this question: “do I like it?”. Perfectonism is not bad. It’s just a way of doing things. You can use imperfect elements, raw material, flaws. Sure. But you do it for a perfect purpose: the finished product.

Artists are growing all the time but when they finish something they do believe they have created the best thing ever. They never think: ok this sucks a bit, but next time when I try it will be better. I am learning something here… when the art sucks the artists hates himself. That’s how art works. It’s not trying to become better, it is making something that is pure art, right now! The best thing ever. If not you’re simply an amateur loving the process of creating things. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But that’s not how real art is being made. That’s like giving birth to a baby. Painful. But you do it because you love it so much.

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