“You can’t make ACID without a 303!”

It’s not about the tools, it’s about the person using the tools. Give a tool to a fool and see what happens.

“But wait a minute! You cannot make ACID without a 303! You simply can’t!”, you might say.

Of course you can!

It’s like saying: “You can’t play the blues without a Fender Stratocaster!” Many guitarists on YouTube are playing blueslicks using a strat. They are striving for that Stevie Ray Vaughn tone. They will use the same old equipment. Use exactly the same string gauge. Without these things they think their bluestone will suck big time. They hate people using transistor amps. And they hate people using digital stuff even more. “Stevie would never have used that shitty stuff!”, they are all saying.

Who cares what Stevie uses?! Stevie sounded great, but that doesn’t mean I should sound like him! If Stevie loved tubes I might try digital instead. Finding my own sound.

So you really think you can only sound great on a Stradivarius? That will cost you a lot of money.

Same for ACID or any other genre. Fuck that Roland TB-303, just use what you have available right now. Make it work. Be creative!

If people say “you can’t do that!” what they really are saying is this: “I am a purist and you are breaking the rules.” I find these people not creative. In fact they are stuck in non-creative believes.

Playing an A flat (minor third, blues note) over a F7 chord as the IV chord in a blues is tricky but you CAN make it sound good. THAT is creativity.

Originally published at Melodiefabriek.