“…Rabarama is inevitably and inexorably an intimate part of the total culture of our time.”
George S. Bolge, Executive Director Boca Raton Museum, USA

Rabarama (photo by Hikari kesho)

The centrality of Rabarama’s work in the contemporary scene, also affirmed by her participation in the 54th Venice Biennale, comes from her focus on our “body” and its (and ours) relationship with the changes associated with the technology, with the new awareness arising from neuroscience, physics and cognitive science, with the possible and future genetic mutations. Such attention to the present and the near future (in the time perspective of the cyberpunk subculture) does not forget the deep past of the human species, mixing post-modern themes with the oldest anthropological and esoteric symbolism — in their valence of deep psychic roots that vibrate under the weight of the fast current mutations: in this dynamic originates the emotional transport that comes in front of one of her enigmatic works. Sculptures, paintings and multimedia installations that stare enigmatically at the observer or at the urban environment, installing doubts about human identity, tickling the deep psyche with universal symbols and caressing the aesthetic sensibility with harmonious shapes and colors.

Rabarama (photo Veronica Gaido)

Born in Rome in 1969, she graduated with honors at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (1991).

Her production includes sculptures in marble (even monumental) and alabaster, clay, painted bronze, glass and oil painting, resin inclusions, artistic gold jewels, rubber monotypes, graphic works and multimedia .

Rabarama, “Costellazione” in Florence

She participated in the 54th Venice Biennale with her monumental marble “Abbandono” and other monumental works were acquired by museums in Athens, Beijing and Miami, as well as by municipalities (Beijing, Shanghai, Reggio Calabria).

Rabarama, “Abbandono” at Venice Biennale
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