The Skin Art Manifesto

The omologation, the transormation of living beings in things and destruction on a global scale of nature are prevailing.

Even if efforts are made to conceptualize and speculate about this, we have already started to feel it on our bodies.

Many consciences are awakening and are realizing that if the body is (and will be) the greatest victim of what is happening, it is from the body that we have to re-start to change the state of things. In our body, the SKIN is the part that connects us in the deepest relationship with others and with nature: the touching of two bodies, the contact with the air, water and grass, cold and heat.

The SKIN, the perfect symbol of the relational function of the body.

The body is the living temple of harmony, of beauty, vitality, and certainly also the site of the clash with everything that wants to deny its importance and its very existence. The body, as a place where the contemporary creative drive can regain that primal relationship with the beauty of the art that was known to the ancients, where the harmony of nature was seen as higher model and inspiration of beauty (or horror, as other side of the coin, referring to the concept of “Sublime” by E. Burke, but denying here his thesis of absolute incompatibility with the “Beautiful”)

“It would be wonderful if we could combine so firmly the essence of the world with that of our hearts!” Y. Mishima, Spring snow

Body as a place of coincidence of the Beautiful and the Sublime (“Orrido”), as part of nature and our vehicle to existence and perception, which becomes inspiration, model and canvas for artists who better feel this current collective thrust.

“La politique, comme technique de la paix et de l’ordre intérieurs at Cherche à mettre en œuvre the dispositif de l’armée parfaite, de la masses disciplinée, de crew docile and useful, du regiment au camp et aux champs, à la manœuvre et à l’exercice. “M. Foucault, Surveiller et punir

Body (as a union of body, psyche, atavistic memories and relationships with other living beings) as the only mean at our disposal to resist the bio-power, ie to the ongoing process that tends to make the whole living sphere something similar to raw material / product: uniform, serial, quantifiable and bearer of a merely economic value.

“Do not be an asshole, Deckard. I’ve got four skin-jobs walking the streets. “Blade Runner

Body as a fundamental place and focus of our discussion on the changes that science and technology are leading and the consequences that are today only imaginable with imagination and creativity.

The Manifesto of Skin Art explicits this push of the contemporary world and invites creative thinkers and all those who share this consciousness, to participate and to make it explicit in their works.

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