The Necessity of The Great Change

(Note — This was written when I was a grand Rabbi as a satire piece)

After we won WWII against the forces of nationalism in Nazi Germany we had to put all of our energy into stopping this from ever happening again.

It’s difficult for anyone living today to imagine the atrocity of the second world war, the war in which the forces of radical racism and nationalism were defeated by the forces of globalism and justice. The Nazi hate mongers had a radical idea, they believed that Germany and the people living there had some innate birthright to that nation, to that soil, to their own labour, and fought for the continuation of what we today call “white supremacy”. Shocking.

Now a new world is coming into a view, a world in which all people, from all over the planet can come together, live together and love together in the same country. Is this not progress?

When reading one of the frankly, hate filled rants of one of these reprehensible “altright” miscreants I came across a quote that perplexed me, it was a quote from Hitler’s Mein Kampf:

It was and it is Jews who bring the Negroes into the Rhineland, always with the same secret thought and clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily resulting bastardization, throwing it down from its cultural and political height, and himself rising to be its master.

Hatred of Jewish people is practically a staple of this altright movement, but in reading this excerpt of this manual of hatred I became confused. How is this a bad thing? Should the darker races not move to Europe to diversify it? Is it not the responsibility of all people to end this social construct that we today call the European race and to mix with those darker races of Africa and the Arabian world? Is ending this plague of white supremacy not a duty, or better yet, a moral responsibility of all right thinking individuals?

We see it today in almost all western countries, the extraordinary socioeconomic gap that exists between the so-called “European natives” and those minority populations. Those on the altright posit that this is not some inherent structural inequality of oppression but instead the result of the innate biological differences between these distinct races that inhabit these countries. Even if this racist assessment were to be true, shouldn’t we take radical steps to rectify this? Surely the only solution is blending the races, mixing them, changing them! White supremacy and racism, both conquered and vanquished forever, perhaps even within a single generation.

We can thus view the so called migrant “crisis” not as something to worry about, but as a fundamental cultural and genetic change to the European continent. Building a newer, more equal society where the spectre of white supremacy doesn’t haunt those new Europeans who make the perilous journey to these lands. Imagine the enrichment of European culture that will result? The new food, the new customs, the new traditions will permeate and flourish once the old has been vanquished from the pages of history. Changing who they are…rewriting who they once were!

My father, a Rabbi who traced his linage to the Pale of Settlement once gave to me wise words: “The road of history is long and arduous. If you can’t change their opinion, change their genetics and sooner or later they’ll come around to your way of thinking”. Together we must undertake this task, together we must hasten the demographic and cultural change of Europe, renewing it as it has been so many times before. Together we can make this change, together we can end hatred and division and build a more harmonious and united world.