A meditation on spiritually “wrapping ourselves” as Tefillin straps onto “the arm of G-d”


Love the words Tzror Hachaim, bond of life; ironic that in Judaism we only pray to attain this degree of divine enlightenment after death, during funerals and memorial services ….even if it makes full sense, as an affirmation of the continuity of the soul even after the body is gone….why wait an entire lifetime to point this out?

I want to be bound in the bonds of life right here, right now in this life…!

Close your eyes for a moment and join me in a prayer to Hashem for the strong mindfulness to experience a moment of passionate Neshama soulfulness, even as we remain grounded in our commitment to our human storylines.

If it helps, take this opportunity to make a Brachah and meditate on this as you strap (bind) on your Tefillin.

Yehi Ratzon, Dear G-d;

May it be your will to bind us (strap us) tightly Bitzror Hachaim — by granting us all a loosening of the knots that keep us bound in our addiction to lower consciousness,

Yehi Ratzon,

Bless us please Dear G-d from the “strength of your right hand” with wisdom, compassion, and humility, as we endeavor to untie our soul from the iron grip of the ego.

Amen !!!!!!!!

YOM TOV☺)))))))

Much Love

Rabbi Yossi

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