Twin Rabbit
Sep 26, 2016 · 2 min read

I think the thing I find most frustrating about Yiannapolites is their oxymoron uniformity. For a group who so readily attacks ‘lock-step leftism’ they have a staggering level of homogeneity, both vocabulary and style. It’s so readily apparent you can find it easily in replies to this story. A Stock Footage pool from which they critique anyone that even mentions the Neo-Dixiecrats without glowing cascades of praise. “SJW”, “Liberal Elite”, “Liberal Not Progressive” (a baffling distinction), “Thought Police”… Then, inevitably, capped with the perpetual refrain of the Oppressed Plurality meta-narrative (an idea so ‘liberal’ it was popularized by Richard Nixon). That ‘Silent Majority’ is always ready to defend poor Yiannapoulos, making them oddly un-silent but nevermind that.

It’s an odd argument for an odd bunch, that the silent and somehow Silenced Majority, both within and outside of the LGBT Rights topic, are being acted upon by a nebulous “Elite”: Yiannopoulos, being one of the most famous Queer blowhards in the quazi-political sphere, a grant-funding fraudster (*allegedly) Nationalism-touting camera whore, with a readership of millions, and the backing of such strapped-for-cash organizations as the Heritage Foundation, somehow represents an independent courage. He’s like that guy who cut off his arm while rock climbing, only keeping both arms! That contradiction, and frequently festooning one’s replies with capital letters, seems the entirety of the Yiannapolites M.O.

In that way, the Yiannapolites are not merely a proxy for Milo himself, as if he needed one, they are also hoping to do what he did. They want themselves famous (if even for 20 seconds) not based on their own work, or their own fight, but based on how loudly and cleverly they critique every one else’s. I am not surprised at the Yiannopoulos interview, I am sure it will sell many issues, generate many letters, generate much free publicity, and that replies to it will also generate many replies and free publicity. But let’s not forget why we’re really here, that a bunch of media whores are calling a bunch of other media whores ‘fake’.

In the mean time I will sit here, in my middle-America, fly-over state, where Yiannopoulos couldn’t pronounce the name of our river right if he tried. I and my friends will continue to fight for people that actually matter, tiny names none of these ‘bigtime players’ have heard of, or ever will, and don’t have a production company giving them a voice for whatever blather comes into their head that second. Don’t expect us to care about this “Real HouseHusbands of Orange County” squabbles. “Brexit” is not a word here. You’re flipping tables while we roll our eyes, occasionally chuckling when Bill Maher makes a pun at your expense, and going on with our fucking lives.

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