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Except, he was brought down by a liberal argument. From GamerGate forward he’s mocked the identity politics and intersectionality of the Left with a constant refrain of personal experience being irrelevant. He said perceptions his humor was directed, deceptively haphazard, were deliberate misreads. Anyone who claimed differently was an SJW seeing shapes in a cloud. Alphas don’t need safe spaces and whatnot.

He said all personal ties were suspect. A relationship with a game reviewer destroys game journalism and deceives a gamer public. Feminists cannot see Rape Culture in games by citing gendered experiences. Personal offence is never a justification for objecting to a speech. The public sphere is a free-for-all. The world’s dangerous little girl, your narrative comes last.

Suddenly, it’s okay for him to ‘joke’ about child molestation because he’s a victim. Provocateur, or identity politics are real, it can’t be both. A wolf isn’t a wolf as a coping mechanism. His insistence of absolute ‘right’ to deal with his past his way affirmed identity politics, personal experience is valid. Third Wave Feminism and Critical Race Theory say tokenism is inevitable because context matters. Gender and race essentialists, his bread and butter up to now, say tokenism is impossible and all arguments are traded in the Marketplace of Ideas. They sink or swim on merit. He’s picked a new team.

From bigotry to misogyny to transphobia, his ‘provocations’ were justified by his minority, a concession to the Left spun into minstrel show. Pearl necklaces and rainbow Uzi tanktops, he presented a farcical representation of the cliché femme SJW(tm), the costume of a Leftie made clown suit against the “liberal narrative”. Diffusing grenades he regularly lobbed by being, as Bill Maher said, no more than a “little, impish, British fag”.

Had the Right’s moral outrage been as hilarious to him as the Left’s indignation, had he truly no gods and no masters, he could easily have declared no shame whatever. Seated in his throne of Provocateur Queen he would have told the Right, as he has always told the Left, to fuck off. He didn’t. He said he had an obligation to his humor based in experience. He said there was a truth under his supposed impishness. He said, ultimately, the Left had him pegged the whole time.

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