So, every Japanese knows Karate?
Shachar Haad

“ Unless you yourself created something, you have no claim for its creation.” You’ve defeated your own argument. Those who create have claim to their creation. QED. That was easy. You’re not good at this.

The “karate” zinger is a laughable straw-man. Talk about a cliché, tu quoque is the response of a 5 year old. Unless you genuinely think all of Japan is reducible to a Kurosawa knock-off. If so I’m not even touching that.

Egypt didn’t invent paper, they invented papyrus. Papyrus is flattened and dried strips of reed, paper is wood pulp. You don’t use papyrus and I bet you never have. Your example makes as much sense as if you’d said Sumerian clay cylinders or Roman wax tablets. You didn’t, because precisely like papyrus you don’t use any of those things. You’ve further proven my point at the expense of your own: region and history are discrete and a part of a culture’s heritage. You could have at least gone with vellum, but of course you didn’t because you’ve never used that either I bet.

While we’re here, Mayan pyramids are nothing like Egyptian pyramids either in material or design, plus the whole separate continents part. Egypt could put an international patent on their pyramids tomorrow and Central America wouldn’t owe them a dime. Your word for them is the same, that’s a shortcoming in your own vocabulary, not their cultures or how they define the objects of their history for themselves. Half your assertions are defeated merely by owning an elementary history book, or even just a globe.

You throw idiotic non-sequitur fallacies like they’re candy. Your examples are so transparently ignorant of the topic it’s almost funny, your repeated attempts to call me an idiot are paltry. Even if I agreed with you I’d be embarrassed by such an inept ally. Do better.