Grandfather — Tell me, how many grandkids fill your days with joy? more than one? Oh no no, that can’t be, no we have a one child policy here in our communist utopia, gonna need you to sort that out thanks.
Tell me Mike, What chance do you think you’d have of having your status read:

Why does your side so frequently make it so easy…?

I mean, the rest of that mess was just baiting, if he went to a public college, or University in Europe, or was the CIO of a development firm 3/4ths of your argument flew away before you’ve even started. But this bit about the one child policy made everything else melt away. The ‘one child’ policy was China (read:not the only Communist country), it never applied to the whole country (read: not universal) and it was phased out in 2015 (read: you’re ‘gotcha’ is a horse so dead it’s been two years).

So… Tu quoque/relative privation, tu quoque, ad hom, straw man… and bulverism. Of course, the bulverism here was the last bit, which was more an indictment of the founding fathers (specifically Hamilton’s three reports and the 1st amendment) than anything else. I mean, you’re like a neon sign for the virtues of education in history, political science, and basic rhetorical logic. Show some sense, even if I agreed with you I wouldn’t because there’s no enemy worse than an inept ally.