20 Little Ways to Motivate Yourself to Blog Every Day

Do you sometimes feel like lying in bed doing nothing? Especially when it comes to posting something new on your blog.

Oh, I have it for so long, it can live without a post or two, you might think to yourself. But that goes on and on and you find yourself unable to write another post on your blog. And do you know what that leads to in the end? Catastrophe and doom for your blog.

Let’s slow down a little, shall we? After all, I’m not here to scare you or anything. We are here to motivate you.

So, do you want to be motivated?

If you shout “I DO!” from the top of your lungs, then it’s time to uncover everything you need to do to stay motivated and continue blogging every day. Ready?

20 little ways to motivate yourself

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It’s not as hard to keep on writing as it may seem. Yes. You get tired. Yes. You lose patience. Yes, again. You sometimes lose all the ideas and inspiration, but in no way you should let that shatter your firm target to make your blog the best out there.

The motivation is everywhere around you and you can always find it if you know where to look. So, let’s dive into the 20 little ways to motivate yourself to blog every day together:

1. Don’t mind the numbers and analytics. They can only slow you down. Instead, focus on your content and the content only.
 2. Paint a picture of the success your blog will witness if you keep writing.
 3. Just forget about what everyone is telling you and listen to your inner writer’s voice.
 4. You’re unique and there’s no one like you. That’s the thought that should always lead you on your way toward greatness.
 5. Read some inspirational quotes and pump your self-confidence.
 6. Believe in yourself and your blog.
 7. Write a journal or mark your progress on a calendar. That way whenever you look at it, you’ll know that you should get blogging.
 8. Write on a place that motivates you and makes you feel nice. For instance, a café, a library, your room, your summer villa, your yard. The possibilities are endless.
 9. Ask your family or friends for support. If they pamper you with compliments about your posts and tell you how much they like to see more of you, then you’ll feel more motivated to write.

Young man using laptop and headphones

10. Throw a look back at your successes. Going through older comments from your loyal readers can really boost your will to continue doing what you’re doing and remind you how important blogging every day actually is.
 11. Ask yourself some uplifting questions and give answers like ‘What am I — a blogger’, ‘How does it make me feel — happier than ever’.
 12. Don’t compare with anyone else. Shape the words the way you like and don’t worry about the outcome.
 13. Start researching and the ideas will flow in your mind by themselves. Before you know it, you’ll have so much text for your post that you will not be able to abandon it.
 14. Go out of your comfort zone. You’ll see how the new challenges you give to yourself will make you want to write even more. For example, if you run a fashion blog, dare yourself to write a post about the fashion in the Middle Ages and exit your routine of writing about the fashion in the twenty-first century.
 15. Don’t fear that you’ll fail. Because failure can sometimes mean a new beginning for you and an improvement of your writing. So just keep writing and learn to stand up after you fall.
 16. Quit complaining about how tired you are. No one cares about it. We all face obstacles and that’s the absolute truth. It’s how you deal with those obstacles that define you as a person and a blogger striving to succeed. That’s why, when you’re tired just grab a cup of coffee and start typing.
 17. Play your favorite music. Listening to the songs you like will instantly make you feel more motivated. Even better, make a motivational playlist with songs like Hall of Fame by The Script and Fight Song by Rachel Platten among the first ones on the list.
 18. Think of a reward for yourself after you hit ‘publish’. It can be anything from chocolate to going out with your friends.
 19. Publicly announce that you’re going to blog every day. Tell that to everyone you know and even publish it on social media. That way the knowledge that your users are expecting a post from you will prevail and you’ll get the needed motivation.
 20. Never give up and push yourself forward since the moment you exit your bed. Remember! No one became a successful blogger from lying in bed and lacking some motivation.

silhouette of woman with raised hands on beautiful sunset background

Now, let’s hear you one more time. Are you motivated to blog every day?

If your answer is “YES!” then my work here is done. We have succeeded in lifting your spirit up and giving you the strings so that you can lead your puppet aka blog forward. All of these ways are your ticket to growing your motivation and never feeling like a bag of potatoes unable to write anything during the day. Off you go, my friends! Let’s see all the wonderful posts you’ll write today!

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