500+ Breathtaking Blog Topics You’ll Ever Need

Let’s face it. We can never get enough blog topics.

As much as we think we found them all, new ones pop up and make us struggle with the right choice. Literally, there are so many of them that they leave every blogger doubting and even scared of all that chaos.

You always need topics to write about. Topics that will wow all readers and keep them coming back to you and your blog. They could be in any niche and target any audience. What matters is that you center your whole writing on them. Think you can do that, yet you don’t know which topics to use?

Worry no more, as I have all the blog topics you need. They are stunning, breathtaking and applicable to whatever field you might want to explore. Just hold on tight and read carefully.

EXCLUSIVE: 500+ Breathtaking blog topics just for you

Without further ado, I introduce you to the perfect blog topics that’ll make your blog unforgettable, save your time and even bring you a few bucks more. They belong to multiple fields of expertise, so you can easily choose the ones that’ll suit your writing best.

Career and business

man in suit

1. Top 50 most paid jobs
 2. How to plan my career
 3. Which career should I pick
 4. Best universities for career development
 5. How to find a job
 6. Job interview — the ultimate tips and tricks
 7. What career options do I have in my demographic?
 8. What you need for summer internship
 9. Internship — yay or nay?
 10. The millennials’ choice: what they look for in a job
 11. 10 things to do after graduation
 12. Is creativity the biggest drive for new companies?
 13. The best companies hiring students
 14. Is following your parents’ footsteps right?
 15. Why you should become a pilot now
 16. Careers vs job: Following your passion
 17. 9–5 jobs vs startups
 18. How to perfect your sales pitch
 19. How to kick-ass at work and home
 20. Burnouts and how to prevent them
 21. How to start your own business
 22. How to attract customers
 23. Business in the age of internet
 24. What is an online success?
 25. What to sell in business
 26. How to talk to people or clients
 27. The brands you should follow for your business success
 28. How to know if you picked the right career
 29. How to hire the right freelancers
 30. How to talk to your angriest customers
 31. Refreshing marketing techniques that lead to sales
 32. Running a small agile business
 33. Self-employment
 34. Starting and running your own social network
 35. Managing time as a busy entrepreneur
 36. The best online marketing strategies
 37. How to make the most out of virtual conferences
 38. Tips on buying and selling
 39. Work productivity apps
 40. Ways to save a bad time at a meeting
 41. Creating a healthy work-life balance
 42. Career advice
 43. Working in a foreign country
 44. Sexual harassment in the workplace
 45. How to start a successful freelance business
 46. If I were an advertiser today
 47. Creating a memorable brand image
 48. Idea making and how I make something
 49. How I use my website to land more sales
 50. Branding strategies I use
 51. Types of marketing campaigns
 52. Millennial women in the workforce
 53. Is startup for everyone?
 54. Founders’ Stories
 55. What you need to know before running your own startup
 56. What are some frequently asked questions regarding startups?
 57. Behind the scene
 58. Monthly Updates
 59. What are some things that you’ve learned this month?
 60. The worst advice we’ve ever heard about startups
 61. [numbers] Tools that ever startup should have
 62. Brain Picking
 63. A compilation of the questions that you get asked on a coffee meet-up.
 64. What works and what doesn’t when building a startup
 65. Cast Studies
 66. WorkFlow
 67. [numbers] tools I’m currently using
 68. Things you need to be before quitting your day time job.
 69. How to connect with people in your industry if you work from home
 70. When not to take a client
 71. Lessons I’ve learned being a freelancer
 72. Where to find your first client
 73. How to stay productivity working from home.
 74. [numbers] co-working space in [your city]
 75. Where to find your support group?
 76. Process and Journey as a Solopreneur
 77. What are the ups and down as a solopreneur?
 78. Productivity tips to keep your sanity in place
 79. How and where to find your first client?
 80. Founder mistakes
 81. Financial 101
 82. How to build your brand and network



83. Online vs traditional classes
 84. Homeschooled vs public school
 85. Bullying & cyber bullying
 86. Most valuable thing you’ve learned
 87. How to impress colleges
 88. College planning
 89. College guidance: Best tips and practices
 90. What you should look for before choosing a college
 91. How schools could use social media
 92. What languages you should learn
 93. Life skills/life coaching for high school students
 94. Preparing for a test
 95. Social psychology
 96. Speaking in public
 97. The art of teaching
 98. Ways to improve your IQ

Love and relationships


99. A guide to dating for male/females
 100. The secret to letting go
 101. The best dating apps
 102. How to end arguments
 103. How to know if he/she likes you
 104. Tricks to keeping the relationship fresh
 105. Male guide to female communication
 106. Topics to talk about when the relationship gets boring
 107. Relationship lessons from movies and TV shows
 108. Signs of a healthy relationship
 109. Expressing needs in a relationship
 110. How to keep the conversation going
 111. Ways to make a first impression
 112. Romantic conversation starters
 113. What to do on the first date
 114. Honeymoon destinations
 115. Tinder — swiping left and right
 116. How to find your soulmate
 117. Why women fall for men in uniforms
 118. Is he/she the one?
 119. The best dating tips that actually work
 120. Why long distance relationships can work

Interests and hobbies

hands shaping clay

121. Photography — tips and ideas
 122. How to meditate and why it’s important
 123. The ultimate camping checklist
 124. Learn how to dance in less than a week
 125. The best dance moves that will wow your friends
 126. Easy dinner recipes
 127. Unique art and craft ideas
 128. Architecture
 129. History of art
 130. 50 motivating, awe-inspiring quotes
 131. New music trends right now
 132. Video game reviews
 133. The video games out there that you shouldn’t miss
 134. Why you should start with Korean drama
 135. Daily horoscope and how it influences your life
 136. Anime
 137. Mind-blowing tattoo designs and fonts
 138. Proven painting techniques
 139. Crossword puzzles to entertain your brain
 140. How to skateboard
 141. Entertainment
 142. Reality TV
 143. Best books of all time
 144. The best-selling books of 2016
 145. The greatest magic tricks revealed
 146. Fun card games to pass the time
 147. Disc golf
 148. Board games
 149. Cycling
 150. Fashion
 151. Playing an instrument
 152. Music
 153. Best evergreen songs
 154. The most heartbreaking songs ever
 155. New artists to check out
 156. Rock legends
 157. Home brewing beer
 158. Playing guitar
 159. Fishing
 160. Makeup and styling
 161. Miniseries
 162. Gardening
 163. Rock climbing
 164. Running
 165. Self Defense
 166. Self-Hypnosis
 167. Skydiving
 168. Video Games
 169. Windsurfing
 170. Yoga
 171. Zip lining
 172. Arts & craft — DIYs
 173. Space
 174. Astronomy
 175. Astrology
 176. Planets

Life and personal improvement

in the city

177. Quotes about happiness
 178. How to be happy
 179. The parenting advice every new parent needs
 180. Various types of parenting
 181. How to plan your personal development
 182. Reducing stress — how to do that and why you should
 183. Summer is coming — top 50 activities with kids
 184. Finding the meaning of life
 185. The importance of dreams while growing up
 186. How to be a real and true friend
 187. How to build willpower
 188. How to push yourself out of your comfort zone
 189. How to get what you want without breaking the law or burning bridges
 190. Creating good habits into your daily routine
 191. How to cut back on temptations
 192. Dealing with anger management
 193. Listicle of life skills you should learn
 194. Memory-improving tips
 195. How to be fluent in a new language
 196. Breaking out of addictions
 197. Mind strengthening
 198. Phrases that will improve every social interaction
 199. Picking up a new skill
 200. Presentation skills for a new communication
 201. How to go from shy to confident
 202. Behavioral disorders in children
 203. Money budget with kids
 204. How to deal with difficult behavior
 205. Art of shaving
 206. Beyond basics of personal financial management
 207. How to get an affordable mortgage
 208. How to get out of debt
 209. Managing investments and stock market
 210. Eating organic on a tight budget
 211. When I Feel Frustrated
 212. How to deal with people you don’t like
 213. Handling critics
 214. Car maintenance
 215. How [a famous, successful person] did it
 216. How to keep a healthy balance between work and your relationship
 217. How to keep from being overwhelmed
 218. Retirement planning
 219. Parenting mistakes
 220. Planning for kids
 221. How to stay in control
 222. Recipes for couples with children
 223. How to retain a strong marriage after kids
 224. How to encourage behavior you want to see
 225. What I should teach my kids
 226. How to discipline kids
 227. How to cope with an emotionally distant child
 228. What you should say to motivate your teenager
 229. Language learning
 230. Personal Stories With a Lesson Learned
 231. Feelings That Bug You
 232. Family
 233. Pets

Health, fitness, and sport


234. Healthier diets: paleo, Atkins, Keto, vegan, Mediterranean, gluten-free
 235. Health myths
 236. Health facts
 237. How you choose good foods in the supermarket
 238. Alternative fitness exercises when you’re too busy
 239. How to lose weight and feel awesome
 240. Ten guilty pleasures
 241. Sports/activities you like to do on the weekends
 242. Protein bars vs shakes
 243. Favorite cheat meal/healthy meal
 244. Bodybuilding
 245. Resistance training
 246. Cardio vs weight training: what’s better?
 247. The best workout combo
 248. Exercise routines for the amateur
 249. How to train for a marathon
 250. Downtime: What I do offline to recharge
 251. The things that help you de-stress
 252. Fishing
 253. Bowling
 254. Golfing
 255. Snowboarding
 256. Ski
 257. Volleyball
 258. Tennis
 259. Badminton
 260. Running and jogging
 261. Soccer
 262. Football
 263. Cycling
 264. Self-defense
 265. Martial Arts
 266. Sword fighting
 267. Karate
 268. Judo
 269. Basketball
 270. Rugby
 271. Hockey
 272. Swimming
 273. Kayaking
 274. Horse riding
 275. Mule riding
 276. Sword-fighting
 277. Athletics
 278. Disc throwing
 279. Spear throwing
 280. Jumping
 281. Skydiving
 282. Parasailing
 283. Jet ski
 284. Scuba diving
 285. Never-before-seen sports around the world
 286. Myth Busters
 287. How to find a workout that works for you?
 288. Science behind why I make my workout habit sticks
 289. Things you are doing wrong at the gym and how to fix it
 290. Conversational topics
 291. Best workout clothing for [type of sports]
 292. What you need to know for your first [type of sports]
 293. Alternative workout for bad [body parts]
 294. Workout ideas for [holiday]
 295. Why [topic] is important for your workout

Productivity, writing and blogging

bag and hands

296. Time management & what you do to save time
 297. Life tips that’ll boost your personal productivity
 298. Multitasking vs single-tasking
 299. Places you can work at
 300. Creative ways to get things done
 301. New ways to solve old problems
 302. When to cut back on web habits
 303. How to change up your morning routine
 304. WordPress plugins that make multi-tasking easier
 305. To-do lists
 306. Taking breaks at work
 307. Blogging tactics: How to keep it fresh
 308. Better to focus on comments vs blog posts
 309. How to find blogging ideas
 310. Best motivational writers
 311. How to become a better writer
 312. How to get people to read your stuff
 313. How to best comment on a personal or business blog
 314. How to write a winning e-bestseller
 315. Listverse [Random Top 10 Lists]
 316. Tools for blogging
 317. Ways to embrace your readers
 318. How to find your writing voice
 319. Your ideas and my ideas: How we play together
 320. Blog topics that will never get old
 321. How to keep readers to come back to your blog
 322. WordPress plugins I use and why
 323. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Blog
 324. [numbers] telltale signs that you need a blog
 325. [numbers] things your competitors can teach you about blogging
 326. What does a successful blog look like
 327. Useful ways to attract subscribers
 328. What do you need to start your blog
 329. Ten essential elements of your posts
 330. [number] of blogs post you need to read before starting a blog
 331. What I’ve learned after [days/years] of blogging
 332. Blogging expert roundups
 333. How to monetize a blog
 334. Behind the scene as a professional blogger
 335. Things that I wished I need before starting a blog
 336. Evergreen posts
 337. How-to posts
 338. Lists
 339. Videos
 340. Infographics
 341. Encyclopedia-esque entries
 342. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
 343. Web traffic

Technology and design


344. Blog & website design for non-designers
 345. New trends in web design
 346. How to make money as a designer
 347. Building a mobile application
 348. Will video games be used as teaching tools for the future?
 349. Use of technology to clone humans and animals
 350. Addiction to our computers, tablets, and smartphones
 351. Business sole reliance on technology. Is it too much?
 352. How will the young generation will turn out with all this technology?
 353. Is digital reading changing our brains?
 354. Self-driving cars
 355. Robots
 356. Cars
 357. How to make time for social media marketing
 358. How I use Facebook
 359. What my favorite social media is and how it has most impacted my work
 360. How to get the most engagement
 361. Consulting strategies for social media experts
 362. The impact of featuring videos on social networks
 363. How much time to spend on social media every day
 364. Explaining social media to your boss
 365. How technology became our accessories
 366. How smart business owners use social media
 367. Joining a network — things to consider
 368. How to make a good video for the web
 369. Social media marketing vs traditional marketing
 370. Turning social media into a business card
 371. My social media habits
 372. Social media addiction
 373. Clients’ case studies
 374. The science behind [design topic]
 375. Are there any frequently asked questions that you’d like to bring up?
 376. Myth Busters on Design
 377. What are some of the misconceptions that people have about design?
 378. Inspirational Palette
 379. Gaming
 380. Apps
 381. PlayStation vs. PC
 382. iOS vs. Android — the battle of the smartphones
 383. How apps like Pokémon Go do it
 384. How to create the next great app

Food and drinks


385. 100 recipes that will make your summer cooler
 386. Boyfriend is coming over? Everything you should prepare
 387. Goodbye, fast food! Fastest healthy cooked meals
 388. The green food — tasty meals that are made of vegetables
 389. Top 50 spices from Eastern Europe
 390. The best Hollywood diets that work
 391. Italian pizza in an American way
 392. The best birthday cakes ideas
 393. Should you go to culinary school
 394. What Jamie Oliver taught me
 395. The cupcakes to drool over
 396. All the spices you’ll ever need in your life
 397. Party without alcohol
 398. [number] cocktails you haven’t tried but should
 399. The hit cocktails this season
 400. Gluten-free meals and why they are important
 401. Yummy! BBQ food ideas for the holidays



402. Best traveling destinations
 403. Cheap hotels in [Name of place]
 404. What does travel mean to you?
 405. How to plan out the most epic trip
 406. Most romantic places on Earth
 407. The destinations you must visit before you die
 408. The right social interaction you should do for [country]
 409. Travel etiquette
 410. Backpack vs suitcase
 411. Best travel apps
 412. Weirdest food you’ve ever eaten
 413. Modern manners when traveling
 414. What’s in your travel bag
 415. Your top travel destination bucket list
 416. Using Instagram to share your adventures
 417. Camping
 418. Europe
 419. Eco-tourism
 420. How to travel on a budget
 421. The best “places” around the world
 422. Trekking
 423. Advice to give to first-time travelers
 424. Weekend getaways
 425. Most underrated places in the world

Lifestyle and beauty


426. Daily quote to live by
 427. Share a hack that you know
 428. Things that I wish when I was [ age ]
 429. Higher Thoughts on Life
 430. Now Trending on Social Media
 431. [ number ] beauty myth busters
 432. Daily skincare routine
 433. What you don’t know about [ insert shocking topics]
 434. [ number ] tips that every woman should know
 435. [ number ] beauty products I must have if I were stranded on an island
 436. [ celebrity name] look with drugstore products
 437. [festival/holiday] look
 438. Daily makeup routine
 439. [ number ] myths about [ topic of your choice]
 440. How to start a lifestyle blog
 441. Things people should know before starting a blog.
 442. [number] lifestyle blogs that you need to follow
 443. Behind the scene as a lifestyle blogger



444. How I [bragging rights topic] in [numbers] of days
 445. Tools that I cannot live without as a marketer
 446. The science behind why we [topic]
 447. [numbers] of blogs post that you need to read
 448. What data can tell you about your customers
 449. How I hacked to get [numbers] of traffic to my site
 450. How a change in [ topic ] can drive up conversions
 451. How to promote yourself and your brand
 452. Marketing techniques you need to know
 453. Everything you need to become a content marketer
 454. Email marketing
 455. How can your content sell your product



456. An instant mood booster — funny pictures and videos
 457. Interesting home renovation ideas
 458. Apartment living
 459. Buying a house/car: What to look for
 460. The struggles of moving to a new home
 461. Interior design
 462. Green living
 463. Minimalism
 464. First step to making lifestyle changes
 465. Family time
 466. The best angles to snap a portrait picture
 467. Your favorite outdoor venues to take shots
 468. What camera you use
 469. How you prepare for a photoshoot
 470. New things you learned when you started photography
 471. How to do travel photography/videography
 472. The secrets of successful photography
 473. Photoshop tutorials
 474. Point and shoot photography
 475. Sports photography
 476. How to use the pen tool in Photoshop
 477. The only equipment you need to do great photography
 478. Self-sustaining lifestyle
 479. The bucket list
 480. A community I love
 481. Comedy and satire
 482. What I spend money on
 483. How to live on a tight budget
 484. How to get over the fear of public speaking
 485. Scientifically-proven IQ tests
 486. The top chess strategies that guarantee you a win
 487. Ultimate wedding planner — everything you need for the best wedding
 488. How to train your dog
 489. Overcoming depressions
 490. The signs that tell if you suffer from anxiety and depression
 491. How big are your chances to win the lottery
 492. The next millionaire — Thai tips for winning the lottery
 493. The best gardening ideas for the best garden in the neighborhood
 494. Paranormal stories that will keep you awake at night
 495. Ghosts? The ghost sites around the globe
 496. Horror
 497. How to read tarot cards
 498. Product reviews
 499. Religion
 500. Controversial subjects
 501. Conspiracy theories
 502. Environment and pollution

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