Beginner’s Guide: How To Guest Blog

We all love guests. To be honest, I don’t think anyone would reject a person knocking on their door, ready to freshen up their place and bring something new. I’m not talking about Thanksgiving or Christmas, but of guest blogging. And a guest blogger is just as friendly and helpful as an actual guest of your house.

Whether you’re the guest or accepting one, you should have in mind the benefits it brings for your blog — the biggest one being an increase in the number of readers you’d attract. Because when you write on an influencer’s website, it provokes readers to consider you as an expert too and value everything you write. As a result, you’d pull in a new flood of traffic not just for yourself but for the blog you’re writing on.

Want to know how you can start guest blogging? Well, why don’t we peek through the basic guidelines and get you assembled with the guest blogging community?

Find the right place to blog on

First things first. Pick a door to knock on. Finding the perfect place to write your post on is as hard as constructing the post itself. There are countless blogs out there, each in its own separate industry, targeting different audiences. Only a few will perfectly match the niche you intend to write for.

Keep in mind, the blogs you search for should clearly be authoritative, post high quality content, care about its guest blogs and relate to your site. Let me introduce you to the queen of all blogging communities — AllTop! It’s fully loaded with bloggers of all sorts that lets you skip hours of research or typing in hundreds of keywords (e.g. guest author, guest blogging, guest column, submit post) that match your topic on Google.

You can also try out these similar websites:

The toughest challenge you’ll probably face is whether the blog you’ve chosen accepts guest bloggers. So make sure you ask first before jumping to the next step.

Warmly reach out

Imagine the blog owner’s inbox. It’s probably overflowing with messages from their customers, clients and readers (and no, I’m not including their family or friends here). And amid that flood is you asking them to guest blog.

Your must make your email particularly unique and personal. That’s the only way the owner of the blog will notice and approve your request. Keep it short and concise, as most blog owners have a pretty busy schedule. It’ll be easier on their eyes to scan through your intention and decide how to reply. If you want to score easy brownie points, mention your regular presence and what you find most special about their blog. Then talk about your previous experience in guest blogging. If it’s your first time, throw in some ideas that would make their blog more attractive to readers. All of these combined together can win the heart of the owner and help ‘seal the deal.’

Here’s how you can open up to them:

First idea:

Hi (blog owner),
I’ve been reading your blog for the longest of times! I’m not sure if you noticed, but I dropped a comment on your post about (topic), which is incredibly inspiring.
The reason why I’m writing to you is because I’d love to be a guest blogger on your site. I’ve been brainstorming some topics that I think your readers would find absolutely interesting and helpful: (examples)
Hope to hear back from you!
(your name)

Second idea:

I’ll make sure the piece is 100% unique and error-free (I’m pretty good about this). ;)
To give you an idea of what I can bring to your site and my writing style, here’s a link to a guest post that I’ve recently published on (site).
Warmest regards,
 (your name)

Write an incredible post

The bottle of champagne is opened, and you have your blog that accepts you as its guest. But what now? Should you write whatever pops in your head and post it? or should you ponder your ideas carefully? The answer is more than obvious as no piece becomes successful if you haven’t devoted enough attention to it.

Writing as a guest blogger can be tricky as you must decide the exact topic and make sure your writing matches the general atmosphere on the blog. You don’t want your post to be the black sheep among the others. It would look weird if you wrote a post about fashion on a blog that exclusively talks about travelling.

Several blogs, such as IWillTeachYouToBeRich, post guidelines on what kind of guest post they’re looking for. However, that is only the beginning. Guest bloggers shouldn’t relax before they write the perfect blog post. Similar to cooking for somebody else, you want to impress them with everything that you got. After all, they’re expecting something extraordinary from you since you’ve been so eager to write on their blog that you’ve visited often.

That’s why you need to keep an eye on these tips for your guest post:

  • The longer it is, the ‘smarter’ it looks to readers. Try to write more than a 1,000 words to justify the opportunity the owner of the blog has given you.
  • Add images, videos, graphs, and flowcharts, or make your own infographic. Do everything in your power to showcase any visual piece of content in your post. Since people are both and visual creatures, it’ll be easier to “talk to them” through images than words.
  • Internal linking would definitely put a smile on the owner’s face when they see it. Putting links in your post from the owner’s already published content to tie in with your relevant content is another way to show your devotion and diligence to their blog.
  • Edit like your life depends on it. Dont be afraid to scrape everything if it’s weak or filler words, the wrong idea, the wrong direction.

Stay engaged

After you click “post,” and your masterpiece appears on the blog, take the time to do some campaigning. One way is to reply back to commenters. Say ‘thank you’ and make them feel special by telling them how much their comment means to you (from this point, you can link your own blog so they can check that out later).

While that’s going on, share your guest post on every social media possible, from Facebook to Pinterest to LinkedIn. Make sure you mention the blog owner too, as he or she would too when promoting yours. The goal is to reach to as many people as you can, which defines the very core reason behind guest blogging.

Guest blogging, one of the abandoned strategies of getting more traffic, is still the most effective. Stop writing, and start guest blogging. You’ll gain twice the fame, same amount of work.

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