Call to Action Buttons You Should Use in Your Email Campaign

Even if you’ve written the best text, came up with a killing subject line and have designed your email in the most compelling way possible, your email campaign is not complete. You lack the call to action (CTA) to help you out with the engagement with your recipients.

As those are usually subscribers or potential customers that have left their emails to you, you’ll want to wake them up and encourage them to take some action that benefits you. That’s where the CTAs come in very handy. You just have to find the right ones and include them in every email you send.

Are you willing to uncover the most efficient ones right now? Then, follow my lead and let’s go fishing for the right words and phrases.

CTA buttons that are perfect for your email campaign

Before we begin, we should clear something up. You can’t go fishing without bait and your rod. By that, I mean that you can’t put any CTA on any email because you won’t catch any fish aka recipients. That’s why we’ll separate the CTAs into categories first and then present the most compelling ones. Here we go:


Close-up image of young woman working on laptop while sitting at the rough wooden table

• Read more
 • Learn more
 • See more
 • Read on
 • Feed your curiosity, click here
 • Keep reading
 • Continue exploring
 • Download this eBook
 • Download now
 • Uncover the whole story
 • Read all about this
 • Read the full story
 • Download the app
 • Watch now
 • See everything
 • Hear from our CEO
 • See this funny video
 • Hear their story
 • Hear my thoughts
 • Make a difference
 • Look inside!
 • Go!

Products and services


• Shop now
 • Get 70% off. Shop now.
 • Buy our summer collection
 • Shop our bestsellers
 • Try our recipes
 • Act now
 • Don’t waste your time, buy this now!
 • Buy now!
 • Save more
 • Save today
 • Yes! I want more!
 • Buy it today, don’t regret it tomorrow!
 • Buy now. Pay later.
 • Order now
 • Order again
 • Claim a coupon
 • Claim your reward
 • Start saving
 • Reveal my mystery reward
 • Don’t delay. Save now.
 • See what you’ve hand-selected
 • Get 50% off
 • Shop for the shoes you want
 • Get free shipping
 • Dress the way you like
 • Find your style
 • Free gift after ordering
 • Book your appointment
 • Begin your free trial
 • Upgrade now
 • Give me my update
 • Of course I want a free upgrade
 • I want to be VIP
 • Sign up
 • Subscribe and save
 • Take this course
 • Add to cart
 • Give this tool a try. It’s free for 30 days.
 • Strike a deal now.
 • Say hello to your new addiction

Feedback and results

Teenage Girl Happy With Good Exam Results

• Do you want to find out how we do that
 • Find out all about us
 • Start today
 • Get the results you want
 • Ready to see a change?
 • Take a survey
 • See your benefits
 • Complete this short survey
 • Answer these questions
 • Let us know what you think
 • Leave a review
 • Shoot us a reply
 • Give us your honest feedback
 • Show us your love


Row of party champagne glasses

• Reserve your seat in time
 • Book your tickets
 • Register here
 • I’ll be there
 • Are you coming?
 • Count me in!
 • Sign up and get a discount
 • Book now for great prices
 • Save me a seat
 • I’ll come to your webinar
 • Ask questions for the conference
 • Join now!

Social media

Close-up of man stretching out hand for shaking against blackboard

• Follow us everywhere
 • Like us on Facebook
 • Follow us on Twitter
 • Get social with us
 • Stay connected!
 • Let’s be friends!

Holidays and special days


• We have the best holiday gifts
 • Place this under your Christmas tree
 • Shop Santa’s list
 • Order now. Receive it before Christmas.
 • Evade the crowds. Shop here.
 • Spread the holiday cheer
 • Get birthday deals
 • Outrun the Easter bunny. Buy here.
 • Give me my birthday coupon.
 • Tis the season to be generous. Donate here.
 • Our holiday gift: 50% off on all deals
 • Yes! I want my birthday present.

I constructed an interesting list of CTAs before that I’m sure you’re going to love, too. Pick your favorites from all of the mentioned above and implement them in your emails freely. I’m sure you’ll steal a round of applause from your recipients once they see the buttons in your email.

Now I’d like us to shortly explore a few tips that you can use to create the call to action buttons no one could resist.

Tips to create appealing and unforgettable CTA buttons

variety of tools on wood planks with copy space

All you need to do about this is to make the button and its surroundings as interesting and in the same time simple as possible. These are just some tips I have to offer you to give you an idea and inspiration:

• Take advantage of the white space and leave a lot of it around the button
 • Make the button stand out from the rest of the email
 • Use opposing colors. For example, if the background of the button is yellow, put the CTA text in green or black
 • Make it short and concise
 • Create urgency
 • Write one CTA per email
 • Don’t make it too big
 • Be relatable and use words like ‘I’ or ‘me’ in the CTA to make the recipients feel closer to you and your idea
 • Test how it looks in your email

I think it’s time to wrap this up, folks. You have your CTAs and you have the crucial tips you need the make them and the buttons totally irresistible in the eyes of the recipients. Do you know what that means? It means that the ball is in your hands now and it’s up to you to create the perfect CTAs for your email campaign. Give a goal and return to tell us which CTAs won the match for you in the comments!

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