Day 8 Challenge To a Better Blog

Time Spend: 60 mins ~

Tools: Google Webmaster, Click to Tweet WordPress Plugin

Difficulty: 🐰🐰

Richness to your blog: 🍾🍾🍾🍾

Today’s challenge, add freshness to popular old blog contents.

The Benefit of Updating Old Blog Posts

There are two reasons as to why I’m doing this.

First people are finding your website through some of your old blog posts that are circulating around the web.

You would think that your post from 2010 is buried well under your other new posts, but it’s not. People can still find it with the help of search engines like Google. Readers natural tendency is to look at the date once they land on the blog post. It’s a mental note for the readers that your information may or maybe be correct because of the published date.

Repurpose on blog is a green way to get more evergreen content out for your readers. The work and time that you put into updating a post is shorter than writing a brand new post from scratch.

Which Old Post Should I Start Polishing?

I would start off with figuring out which are my top performing post that need a facelift in content. To get the list of top performing post from my site, I go Google Analytics.

I covered how to find out which are your popular blog posts on Day 1.

If you find content that’s older than 2 years old then those are the ones that you’ll be focusing on today, slowly work your way down the list.

Check if there’s any any broken links in the Old Post.

If you have a habit of linking out to other websites, be sure to check if those links still exists.

If you are a chrome users, use this chrome extension

If you’re a Mozilla or Firebox user,use this extension

If the link is dead, or the website that you referred to in the post simply didn’t exist anymore then you should 1) find a substitute link 2) or if you know the web owner, ask them if they have a new URL.

What to add to an old post?

Bring social media elements into the post

This may require a bit of your memory bank.

Ask yourself this:

Are there any recent discussions with your fellow bloggers that relate to this blog post?

Once you found that specific tweet or tweet chat then I find ways to tie the tweet back to the post.

Here’s an example that I did recently on Day 4 challenge to a better blog. I embedded a few tweets on my post.

Hubspot did an extension post on how to embed tweets, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins .

To kick it up a notch, gather tweet-able quotes throughout your blog post for your readers to spread the words for you. I recently put in the tweet-able functionality in The ABC’s to Email Marketing.

I use a simple plugin called Click to Tweet to achieve to add on.

Put keywords into the post that you’re ranking for.

The goal of this 30 days challenge is to put your blog into the next level, let it be more traffic, more email subscribers and more visibility on Google search result. Whatever your goal is with your blog, it all stem from how many people are finding your blog on Google.

Have you ever wonder what do people search on Google that prompted Google to put it under the google search result?

This is where Google Webmster comes in.

Log into your google webmaster that links to your blog.

On the left-hand column: search traffic → search analytics

Click on Page → Filter Page, enter in the url of a specific blog post.

Click on Queries.

You will get a list of queries that people put it and later found your blog post with.

Here comes the more tedious part, try your best to incorporate a few of phrase into your blog post. I usually paraphrase or rewrite it in the most naturally manner. It imperative that you don’t forcibly put phrase into your blog post. These queries terms serves as a guide for you to update your post.

Editorial Note and Timestamp

Put a short snippet in the very begining of the post to avoid any confusion from your long time readers. Notify them your blog post is an updated post from Jan 2010.

That’s all for today. Join me tomorrow again on Day 9 Challenge to a Better Blog.

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