Day 9 Challenge to A Better Blog

Time Spend: Varies ~~

Tools Needed: Wordpress

Difficulty: 🐰

Let’s keep it light today because yesterday we’ve done some heavy lifting on blog improvements

*high fives* ✋

I’m going to dive into how you can gain higher visibility for your blog images on search results, or Google image.

The way to do this is simple, head over to your Wordpress Media Library and click on any image.

It should look like this

Starting from the very top is the file name.

File Name

Do you name your file name is a sensible format?

Meaning it doesn’t look like this _DSC8972348.png, but rather cute-sloth-on-the-trees.pgn

To you, the latter one is probably more informative of what the image file is without the need to open it. The same applies to Google, it prefers a file name that is descriptive rather than a branch of numbers.


Title shows up when you hover over an image. Though there’s no value in SEO effort to have a title text, but you can use this to elicit a call to action for the end user.

If you don’t have a call to action then you can simply copy what you put for your alt tag, which is coming up next.

Alt Tag

This is where the gold strikes for higher visibility for your images on Google. Alt tag or alternative tag is a short description that describes what the image is to Google. Google can’t look at a photo of a dog and know that its a dog. You need to describe to Google, so Google knows its an image of a dog.
 So What makes a good Alt tag? A good alt tag should be descriptive about what the image is. If possible use keywords in your alt tag.

Let’s practice.

For the Title: Beagle dog sleep with his owner in bed

For the Alt Tag: lazy Sunday in bed with my dog Peanut

If the image the didn’t load on the user’s end, she will still understand that the image is supposed to be a dog and a human laying in bed.

Did you get something similar too? Good now you can start applying it to your images.

That’s it for today. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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