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A simple way to collect emails on Medium

If you ever plan on starting your own blog, building a gigantic army of followers for your business or brand, or just wanting to get more people to read your stories, two words: collect emails.

With emails, you give yourself countless opportunities to send your most loyal readers future offers. That could be your latest blog post, your eBook, your online course, your new product…

But because Medium didn’t give writers the option of collecting emails on their blog, we decided to create our own tool. So here it is!

Rabbut’s email subscription form!

So how does it work?

You place the email box at the bottom of your post, like what I did in my story: A Giver, That’s Who I Am.

Readers can immediately type in their email into the form once they finish reading your post.

There’s no limit to how many emails you can collect, so why not get started now?

All of your subscribers will be listed under Email Lists on your Rabbut dashboard.

Track the number of signups you get on your dashboard.

Ready to set up your Medium email subscription box?

Let’s jump to the guide!


Watch the 3-min tutorial.

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