Examples of Creative Subscription Boxes

Imagine you order some object and they bring it to your home address in a simple brown box with nothing on it. You lose interest a bit, don’t you? You think to yourself, they didn’t even bother to wrap the object in a captivating package so maybe it’s not as special as I thought it would be when I ordered it.

Well, my friends, there you have every subscriber’s opinion, as well. How are these two things connected? It’s quite clear. Once your potential subscribers visit your blog and open the subscription box to leave their emails they might face the same disappointment as the buyers. A dull subscription box with no effort invested in it at all. Understandably, that could be a huge setback in your goal of attracting as much subscribers as possible. In the end, that’s what we aim at, right?

Worry no more, as you’ve come to the right place! I have all the examples of creative boxes you need so come on and let’s wrap your blog in the perfect package together!


Writing with quill pen last will and testament or concept for law, legal issues or author

It’s real when you write it on a piece of paper with your own hand. Or that’s how the saying goes at least, meaning that people always find the handwritten information more accurate and likeable. Memorize that and use it in your advantage when creating your subscription box.

Implementing a font that looks very much like the words had been written with your hand is quite creative and unique. Add the option for the subscribers to see their emails handwritten, too, while they’re typing them in the box and you have your eye-catching subscription box.

As an example I give you ohmyhandmade.com. Its handwritten look of the form gives a special touch to the whole experience and makes the users more connected to the blogger. Like the posts are written only for them. That’s what helps them subscribe faster. Consider that personal touch and customize the box so that your personality is shown through the handwriting.


colorful candies

Another great way to make an impact on the subscribers is to pull off a colorful and bright subscription box. There’s nothing better for users than to encounter light colors when they open the box. It cheers them up in the same time proving your creativity and thoughtfulness. So don’t be afraid to put your imagination to test and use colors that you think fit perfectly the theme of your blog.

To put the words into action, check out this subscription box. Notice how whenever you see it, the orange color gives you a feeling of playfulness accompanied by a doze of professionalism depicted in the form of the words. That, my friends, is what makes a unique subscription box.

In the mail

Opening envelope. Close-up top view of male hands opening envelope over wooden desk with different chancellery stuff laying on it

It may sound strange but people tend to commit to things that arrive in their mailboxes. Maybe it’s because in the online era of today we all receive electronic messages so they miss the thrill of opening a letter and reading it with the paper rustling in their hands. Well, you obviously can’t give them the rustling paper, alas the envelope is something you can manage. How? Turn your subscription box into one and your creativity level is as high as the moon in the subscribers’ eyes.

Take a look at this one. It’s stylish, modern and most importantly it contains the details that make the envelope look even more realistic from the stamp up to the frame. Interesting, huh?

What you offer

offering a cup of coffee

Generally speaking, people always want to hear what they’re getting in return for their subscription so it would be nice if you incorporate that in your subscription box. Whether it’s a product or service of yours or an advice on some matter or more blog posts, it’s a great and creative move to openly state it.

We’ll analyze JCrew’s example for your better understanding. The website uses a sharp yet eye-catching form to grab the users’ attention. See how the offer is written in big letters so that the potential subscribers are aware of the discount they’ll get if they hit the subscribe button. What makes it more creative is the bold typography and the light bulb in the background to emphasize that subscribing to them is the right thing to do. Learn from that.

Minimalism is in trend

Interior background of living room with wooden side table 3d render

Some believe that being creative means to stuff your work with visual media or write down as much text as you need to show everything you’ve come up with, but they’re entirely wrong. By being creative you show how you have imagined something in your head and if it’s only a single word on a piece of paper, so be it. Embrace that and open your mind to the newest trend of today — minimalism. It stands for the saying ‘less is more’ showing that you can make users subscribe even if you ask them in the simplest way possible.

Observe Cocorrina’s minimalist subscription box. The amount of fonts and graphics and colors is limited as it focuses mainly on the subscribe button and making it easier for people to subscribe. Give minimalism a go and you’ll see how creative and attention-gripping your boxes will turn out to be.

All of these examples are meant as a guide you can follow on your way to setting up a subscription box on your blog or website that’d make the users interested and captivated enough to subscribe. Having that in mind, you’ll do yourself only good by implementing the advice I gave you and use the examples as an idea for your own box. Just let your mind wander and take your creativity to the highest level and you’ll see what will get out of it. Remember, the more time and effort you invest in making your subscription boxes creative and eye-catching the more your potential subscribers will cherish it and award you by hitting the button. So, happy wrapping and let’s see how your boxes will come out!

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