How do you know if you’re doing the right thing when everyone around you opposes it?

I’m sorry, but you’re already in a disadvantage position right from the get-go.

Most of what we do are not because we want to, but because that’s what people say we should. Receiving feedback is especially hard when the opinions come from people who are close to us. Those opinions weight the most.

So how do you know if you’re doing the right thing?

At age 23, Ginny got pregnant out of wedlock– it’s a taboo in Singapore.

Her boyfriend told her to undergo abortion.

Her parents would disown her if she wanted to keep the baby.

They told her that her life would be ruined, everyone will look down on her.

Torn between what she wanted and what the others wanted, she had to choose.

She got kicked out of the house, broke, and with no family support, it was the most excruciating period in her life.

Ten years later, she became the first businesswoman to run a Doula company. She found herself in front of TedX retelling her stories, her journey to become where she is today.

Did she make the right decision when everyone tells her it’s wrong? Maybe.

But I know one thing, she winded up in an unfavorable position in the first place not because she didn’t conform with what other tell her to do.

It was because she hadn’t found the clarity she needed to get to what she wanted. Had it not been the child, she would never know that what she wanted in life is to become a doula.

Sometimes,we need these unexpected situation to push us to the corner and rethink what it is that we want and not just noise coming from the outside.

The next time when your love ones tell you aren’t cut for something or you can’t do this or that. Think about Ginny.

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Originally published at Rabbut.