How to Create an Attractive Header for Your Blog for Free

Congratulations! You have your blog up and running.

However, as a proud owner, you must always feel like you can do more about your blog. Like no matter what you add to it, there are even more things to be done. Do you know why you feel that?

It’s because you’ve still not crafted the perfect blog header. That is the first thing that greets your readers once they click the link to your blog. That’s why it’s vital that you make it as compelling and attractive as possible.

Wait a bit here. I know that you’re aware of this. All bloggers are. The problem lies in the way to craft a header like that, is it not? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Follow me and I’ll show you how to create an attractive header for your blog without spending a dime or learning any special skills.


ruler and pen

Before starting with anything, you have to make sure that you know the right dimensions of the header. Mind, not all headers fit all blogs. And your blog platform contributes to that. For instance, Blogger has an option for you to adjust the header in whatever dimensions you like, whereas WordPress requires specific ones to make it fit with your theme.

For this reason, we’ll take a quick walk through the process of determining your header’s dimensions on WordPress:

• Go to Appearance > Header
 • Look at the number suggestion under the image

Just remember that some themes will allow you to crop and adjust your header, but for the best look, make it in the right dimensions.

Every pot has its lid


The old saying cannot be more applicable here. Like there’s a lid for every pot, there’s a perfect header for every blog. You only have to create it so that it matches its overall atmosphere.

For better illustration, in the future text, we’ll assume that you’re the proud owner of a food blog entitled as ‘Foodies Love’ and you’re trying to craft an amazing header.

Image hunting

hunter and dog

Bring fun to this whole experience and go image hunting. Yes. Gear up and comb through your computer to find the most suitable images for Foodies Love. You can use some from your photo library or turn to the stock photo sites on the Internet. The choice is yours.

What’s important is that you end up catching high-quality and larger images that blend in the theme of your blog.

I want you

Have you been to a puppy shelter where people adopt cute little dogs? If not, you must have seen it on the TV. People are so excited that they shout ‘I want you!’ to one of the dogs that catches their attention. Not surprisingly, that’s exactly what you should do with the images you’ve found. Look carefully at all of them and pick the one you want to use for your header.

tomatoes example

For Foodies Love it’s best if you don’t go with an exact food or a meal on a plate. Instead, aim at abstract images, ones shot from afar or consisting of multiple objects like a pattern. For example, you can put a nice group of tomatoes or other fruits or vegetables. That indicates that you’re running a food blog and at the same time shows how food is connected to nature. Not to mention that the colors are bright and give a pleasant tone to the whole blog.

Paint it by your wish

The next step to creating an attractive header for Foodies Love is to edit your chosen photo so that it appears nice at the head of your blog. For that purpose, use a service like PicMonkey or Canva.

First, you can crop it into a narrower rectangle so that it looks like a header. Then, a good idea is to brighten it and lower the contrast for the simple reason that that way it’s more readable and allows a text to be added. Also, you can give the image a tint or go to the Texture settings and make it look like a fabric or something similar.

tomatoes example cropped

I played with our image and got this for Foodies Love’s header image. How long did it take me? No longer than 3–4 minutes and I’m no expert at this. So, you can do it quite easily and quickly yourself.

What’s your name?

To stop people from asking ‘What’s your name?’, add the blog’s name to the header. Of course, this is optional, yet it’s a nice touch. Without leaving your photo editor, insert Foodies Love into your header.

There are a bunch of fonts and colors you can use for your text, so take your time and choose the ones that you think are the most fitting. Something like this.

tomatoes example final

Finally, we did Foodies Love justice, right? The header looks attractive and appealing enough to decorate your blog and make users adore it. Did we have to be IT experts? No. Did we need any knowledge of Photoshop or other hard software? No. Did we spend any money? No. Then we did everything right as it seems. And you can do all of this right for your own blog’s header and create it in the best way possible. For further help consult PicMonkey’s tutorial or just listen to your instinct and click wherever you think is needed. I’m sure you’ll make it perfect. Good luck and tell us how it went in the comments.

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