How To Find Someone’s Real Email Address In Under A Minute

Let’s admit — we have all been guilty of stalking people. By that, I mean digging through their personal stuff and finding their email address. And that’s okay! As long as you’re not planning to be the Internet’s #1 spammer, getting email addresses is the best way for to build B2C relationships, spread your brand name and get sale leads.

I’ll be honest, “stalking” profiles is pretty fun. You find out the most surprising things about the person you’re reaching out to. But sometimes, it can get pretty frustrating — especially the part where you craft the perfect email only to have it bounce back to your inbox. And all you’re thinking is, great, got an outdated email or the wrong one.

Well, I got the perfect solution that will save you time and the pain for finding the right email address. It’s a 2-step guide that guarantees that your email message will hit the person’s inbox. Ready to begin?

2 steps to finding the right email address

Go to the best sources

The first place I go to when looking for someone’s email address is their website (business or personal). If no success, I go straight to Google and then to their social media. Why don’t I walk you through my footsteps, from the beginning to last?

Website (in this exact order):

About — usually they’re located at the very bottom, occasionally at the top or middle.

Jeff Goin’s “About” page: you can find the email address in the link, “send me a note.”

Quick note: a few smart people like to hide their email address under linked titles such as “feel free to email me” or “send me a note,” as Jeff Goins has done (see above image). Takeaway: go over the bio carefully.

Contact — some people prefer their email address on this page, because it’s the most direct.

Bottom of footer — most business contacts show their emails there.

Sidebar — this is common for bloggers (food, fashion, lifestyle, travel)

Quick note for About & Contact: sometimes you’ll see emails that are broken up by [at] and [dot]. Ex. tiffany[at]rabbut[dot]com. Keep an eye out for these!


Google stores every user into its database. That said, there’s a high chance you’ll find their email address if you use these keywords: name + contact
 name + email address


Click contact info or find it in “summary”


It’s usually in the “about” section

this is the last resort I use for finding emails. All you need is the person’s website link or IP address. Paste that into the search box, as such. — a tool to find the person’s email using their website or IP address

Go to “history” tab and look at “old raw registrar data.” The person’s email address will often be under “administrative contact” or “technical contact.”

Be careful — if it says “” or “,” their real email address has been blocked for their protection.

Verify the email address

You found the email address, but how do you know if it’s legit? Here’s what you do to double-check if it works.

Use Rapportive

This is a Chrome plugin that integrates with gmail (ONLY!), which is extremely useful if you’re well-connected on Linkedin. Just copy-paste the email address into a new message box. If any details (profile picture, Linkedin details, social media channels) pop up on the right side, you got a real email address.

Use use this to find multiple email possibilities when you know the person’s full name & email server

Type in the person’s first name, last name, and the email server they use (,, It’ll give you all the email address possibilities there are under that name and the email server. You can even plug these alternative emails to Rapportive incase your first email attempt didn’t work. Who knows, you might get lucky this time. :)

Use Mailtester

If you’re not a Gmail user and can’t use Rapportive, Mailtester is a great tool that tells you if an email address exists on a server.

Plug in your best guess for the person’s email address. If it’s valid, the message will say E-mail address is valid on the bottom. Otherwise, it’ll say E-mail address does not exist on this server, which will be highlighted in red.

Mailtester: is a valid email address.

Mailtester: is NOT a valid email address.

If worse case comes to worse

If you still can’t find their email address, then the next best step is to build a close relationship with them. Write engaging comments in their blog, tweet out to them (be sure to @mention their name), comment on their Facebook posts, anything to trigger a conversation. Eventually, they’ll notice. And that’s when you can ask if you can link them something personal or valuable — that’s what I consider a warm lead-in to getting their email.

Good email outreaching habits

Record emails that do work

Every time I reach out to people (successfully), I always make a virtual note on Google Docs/Excel. It helps me remember why I emailed them and what I was trying to achieve. And I strongly recommend this habit to any email marketers or bloggers, so that way you can track emails that actually work.

Don’t be a spammer

Once you get someone’s email address, be very careful how you craft your email (tips on personalizing your email here) AND how often you email them. That means no salesman talk or useless rambles. No daily emailing — it’s damn right annoying. Because one wrong move, and they’ll immediately flag your emails down as spam. That’s okay. You can always create a new email address or use an email alias and reach out to them again.

TL;DR — finding someone’s real email address

1. Locate the best sources to find email addresses

Website — “About” or “Contact” page, bottom of the footer, right side bar
 Google — type in “name + contact” or “name + email address”
 Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Pinterest/Youtube/Instagram — “about” section
 Linkedin — “contact info” in their profile box or hidden in the “summary” — type in their domain name or IP address, go to “history,” and you’ll find it under “administrative contact” or “technical contact.”

2. Verify their email address

Rapportive (gmail users only!) — check to see if extra details show up when typing in their email address on a new message box — use this to generate multiple email possibilities after typing in the person’s full name & email server. Use with Rapportive.

Mailtester — copy-paste their email address in the box to see if it’s valid or not.

Ready to try these out? Take action now!

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