How to Make a Kickass Blog from a Mediocre One

There’s a huge difference between running a blog that’s ‘uh, okay’ and running a blog that’s ‘oh my how awesome’ one.

However, reaching that level of so-called admiration from the users doesn’t come all at once. It takes a lot of time and ideas to craft everything perfectly so that everyone who clicks it will gasp from amazement. There are things that need to be taken care of and elements that separate your blog from the ordinary ones.

That’s why sit tight and observe as the secrets to making a kickass blog unfold before your eyes and the words mediocre and ordinary are locked far in the past. I know you’re very impatient, so let’s go!

The trailer of the movie

Cinema concept of vintage film reel with popcorn on wooden surface

Think of the first thing that pops up once anyone comes to your blog. The blog posts you publish every day. Now, imagine if you show them whole to the world; once someone arrives to have to spend hours scrolling and scrolling in search of the post they want to read. That’s why the snippets were invented, in the first place. Those are small previews of every post that allow the readers a short glimpse of what they’re about to read. Just like a trailer teases the audience of what to expect from the actual movie.

Take our Rabbut as an example. You see how there are snippets of all posts so that people can choose whether to read the whole post by the preview of around two paragraphs. Also don’t forget to put a call to action (CTA) after the snippet such as ‘Continue reading’ or ‘Read more’.

This is the first step toward the kickass blog you’re striving to create.

Colors matter

Nail polish colorful bottles background

Colors are as important for your blog as water to people. Yes. It may seem like an exaggeration, but every color has its own meaning and presents you in a different light to the users. That’s why you have to choose them carefully. Not only psychologically, colors affect the readability of the text on your blog and that’s something you don’t want to take for granted. Especially if you’re crafting a superb blog.

For instance, red background with black text on it is not easy at all to read. It disappoints the users and makes them leave. Opposed to that, if you put a white background with black text on it, the situation is completely different. Users will think of you as a professional and be grateful for the simplicity that you provide.

Thinking of that, the white color is always a win for blogs. So keep as much white places as possible around it. After all, people don’t come to see a rainbow on your blog.

The writing in pixels

photographers on standby on outdoor event

Everything looks clearer when it contains images to back the words you’re saying. Your blog is not an exception either. Make sure every blog post has a plethora of diverse images connected to the topic. People love to see how the things you write about actually look like.

For instance, if you’re running a food blog, you should shower your blog with images of meals, desserts, fruits or vegetables from around the world, so that users can feel at home as soon as they open your blog. And not to mention that with it you openly show the whole niche you’re writing in making the blog a killer one.

Getting feedback

Beautiful Vietnamese business lady consulting client in the office

Okay, let’s say that we established the posts and they’re perfect for the readers’ eyes. Now we move to the next step. The comments. After the users finish reading, a kickass blog should provide a flawless option for expressing opinions. What’s better for that than the comments section?

Actually the best commenting system is the ‘Threaded comments.’ Wonder what’s that? Threaded comments are basically the ones that you distinguish from social media profiles, such as Facebook, and make them only your blog’s. That way people comment directly to you and help you increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking instead of handing it to the social media.

According to Quicksprout, threaded comments will typically increase the number of comments you receive per post by 16% to 33%. So kickass, right?

To subscribe or not, the question is now

subscribe word in mixed vintage metal type printing blocks over grunge wood

What’s all of this fuss about making your blog far more distant than a mediocre one, if you don’t let the users join your blogging experience? Subscription options and boxes that will grab the readers’ attention and urge them to hit the subscribe button are an absolute must. That’s why spare a special part of your time for them.

The subscription option enables the reader to get all the new stuff that you post and, put in a few words, they’re your followers. The word, itself, states that you should nurture that relationship and remember to set up this option. At first glance, it may seem like an easy job. Well, don’t be fooled, my friends. No one will click a button without you provoking them to do so. That’s right. We’ve come to the call-to-action or CTA in the land of blogging. Come up with something unique and captivate them. You can offer a free e-book or an item you can give away, too, so that they feel more interested to leave their emails.

Don’t forget to pack all of that in a design and colors that match the whole theme of your blog.

This, my friends, is how you craft a kickass blog out of a mediocre one. Neither expensive courses nor spells are required for making something that’ll attract everyone’s attention. All it takes is an idea and these points to show you the right way. Come on, open your blog and begin with the optimization. I assure you that every second you spend in it is absolutely worth it! And please tell us which of these points was the most helpful or suggest some other in the comments :)

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