How to Make Your Voice Stronger in Your Writing

Below the images, the social media buttons, the colorful layout and the links, there lies the content. Or the writing, to be more precise. Yes, you have the topic, but not everyone can write the same on that exact topic. Your way of writing or your spin on the subject is, in fact, your voice. The voice of a writer.

Previously, I’ve talked about the writer’s voice, what it represents and how to find yours and also I’ve spoken about the ways to be motivated to write. All of that leads us to today’s tips on how to make your writer’s voice stronger.

Every writer wants that. Every writer wants to sound more believable, more professional, more powerful. And that can be achieved through nothing else but the strength of your voice. So follow me on a journey that will toughen your vocal cords. Not literally, of course, but close ;)

Balance your personalities

Slacklining is a practice in balance that typically uses nylon or polyester webbing tensioned between two anchor points.

Imagine if all the blogs were written just the way people talk.

Writer’s voice? Duh! That’s like writing with like a style and that’s like totally cool. Like seriously every writer needs it.


It’s simply not acceptable. That’s why you have to balance your inner personality and the one you’d gladly read.

Readers like to feel close to the writer of the piece they’re reading, but they don’t expect the writer to sound like someone they met in the street. You have to take something of your own speech or the way you talk with your friends and combine it or intertwine it with the one that’s compelling to you. You may want to sound like a news presenter or a fifth-grade teacher or a teenager. It’s all up to you.

I’m not thinking just of the way you speak. You can balance your emotions as well. If you’re feeling sad, you have to put some light into the writing, so that it doesn’t turn out dark, gloomy and depressed.

Make an outline

Brainstorming session with post it notes on desk

To make your writer’s voice stronger, you can’t say whatever pops into your mind. That’s why you have to plan or make an outline of everything you want to say.

To achieve that you can take a piece of paper. Even Word and Notepad would suffice. Then, write everything you want to stuff into the blog post. Believe me, it’s much easier when you have previously constructed something before writing the first sentence.

You can outline the whole purpose and idea of the blog post, so that when you actually write the piece, you’ll already know what it’s going to be about. You want to sound original and totally unique after all, right?

For instance, Nathan Bransford in one of his pieces says, “Above all, a good voice is unique and can’t be duplicated.”


scientist hands with microscope, examining samples and liquid. Medical research with technical equipment

Don’t rely on already proved formulas. Provide your own. When we talk about writer’s voice and its strength, we cannot evade the experiment phase. In order to make your voice more powerful and poignant, you have to experiment.

That way you see your capabilities, your potential and you’ll challenge yourself. In most cases, all of that leads to the creation of something wonderful. In fact, everything we know together came from somebody who the world thought as a little bit weird. Be that weirdo and experiment.

Thanks to the innovative writer’s voice of this blogger, we have a new word — glamourai. Beyoncé was the reason for the birth of the word bootylicious. You get my point.

The elements of a strong voice

Young woman talking on the mobile phone

Perhaps the best way to strengthen your writer’s voice is by combing through the key elements of a strong voice.

Style — The strong voice beside good punctuation, great usage of words and grammatical sentences has something else. Call it the X factor or something else entirely, your voice should be compelling. The rhythm, the flow, and the tone can do wonders, for example. Your writing can be magical like J.K. Rowling’s or tough like Hemingway’s. It’s all up to you.
 • Originality — Never copy someone, because copycats are severely punished in the world of blogging. Every blogger has something in them and you just have to find your authentic mark. Whether it’s a word you’re going to use to differentiate you or a certain above-mentioned style, just be unique. Please.
 • Personality — The strong writer’s voice mirrors your personality. Be friendly, approachable, relatable and the readers will come to you in flocks.
 • Authority — Establishing authority through your writing is unbelievably important. You have to master your voice at such a level that you’d be able to write about anything anytime. The reader needs to see that you’ve got the topic under control to believe you and simply stay until the end.
 • Consistency — You have to always be there in your writing and by that I mean to keep the pace constantly. Don’t be slow and then abruptly go faster. You may think that this is more applicable to fiction, but you can use this in your blog writing as well. Start boldly, for instance, with a question or a quote or a personal story. If you want to keep the fast tempo, keep going forward and don’t stop. Don’t blabber about everything and anything and just stick to the point. Bombard the reader with examples, captivating sentences, links, images and so on. You’ll certainly inspire awe.

Every voice is absolutely one in seven billion. And the path to making your voice stronger is just as unique. Think hard and focus on that and I guarantee you that you’ll find it. The strong writer’s voice bonds the reader and the writer. Once the reader takes a look at your blog post, they’ll want to come to you over and over again. Just like they want to go to their favorite café or listen to their favorite song or watch their favorite TV show. It’s what the strong voice does. It’s almost like magic. They constantly want to repeat that experience. If you succeed to do that with you writing, then your readers will knock on your door, wanting for more.

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