Measure Your Blog’s Success with These Metrics

Nowadays, with all the development of technology and the expansion of the online world, it’s truly a pity not to use all the options the Internet gives you. That includes blogging, too. Publishing posts and running your blog is simply not complete without the measurement of your success.

Imagine you cook a delicious meal. You pour your whole effort in it and even put on some decorations at the end to make it irresistible. And that’s it. The end of the story. The meal is not able to go out of the kitchen and remains only for yourself to see and devour. Is it fair? Was that your whole purpose all the time or you wanted to see it served to a vast majority of people and hear their thoughts on it? Ah… Now we are talking, aren’t we?

The meal is actually your blog and the response of the people can be truly measured. When it comes to your blog, that measurement is depicted through the metrics you should explore. Ready to see which metrics can help you see how your blog impacts the users and what you get from it? Then let’s proceed!


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The first thing you can measure is how attractive your blog appears to others. In order to determine its success, check if it meets the goals you have set in the first place. By that I mean, see if your posts have reached the target audience and whether your products or services are appealing enough to the users. The answers to these questions lie in these crucial metrics:

• Rankings in the search engines
 • Page per visit
 • Views per page
 • Email sign-ups and RSS feeds
 • How many readers, followers or fans you get
 • Media links
 • New visitors, which imply that your content is attractive enough for new readers
 • Returning visitors proving that you’ve kept your quality all the time

By carefully analyzing these metrics you’ll be able to determine how your target audience acts on your blog and how compelling it is to them. That’s a great start, you must admit.


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Another interesting batch of metrics are the ones connected to the interactions of the users with your blog. With them you can realize if the visitors only read silently and then walk away or they stick around to engage with your content and share it on social media. This information is very useful for the simple reason that your blog is that more successful if more and more people are interacting with it.

Some awesome metrics that go with this are:

• Time they spent on your blog
 • Clicks on your content
 • Comments left in the feed
 • Likes and shares on social media
 • Retweets and favorites
 • Discussion and questions
 • Rating of your content
 • Subscriptions
 • Referrals

All of these are great indications of how interested users are in your content. That’s why aside from analyzing the blog as a whole try looking into individual posts, too. Seeing how much shares or comments a certain post has got will point out the special interest in that topic and encourage you to write more connected to that. As you can see everything is connected in its own way.


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The main contribution to the success of your blog or business is the number of leads you’re able to generate. Yes. Having people willing to follow your idea and be a part of it is a real blessing. That includes turning them into your customers or subscribers that will complete the target of your blog. Not to sound too rough or anything, but without leads, the whole blogging experience is almost equal to a waste. So keep an open eye on the metrics connected to this aspect:

• Downloads
 • Registrations
 • Subscriptions
 • Click-through to certain pages
 • Visitors per day

These are only a few you can use to measure the leads you get.

Inbound and outbound links

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Although these metrics are quite connected to the previous ones, I decided to separate them in a different category for the simple reason that they’re just too important. As much as you might not believe it, building links to and from your blog is a vital aspect of your blog’s success.

It’s important that you know how much inbound links aka links from other websites to your own pages you get. That’s mainly because that way you’ll know which topics on your blog attract the most interest and focus on enriching them in the future. Remember, a long-term strategy is the best one if you want to improve your success. The same goes for outbound links, too. You have to make sure that your blog is connected to other quality blogs out there or else the users will think of you as unprofessional. Look at it this way. If you don’t measure the outbound link metrics you might end up linking to dead blogs or ones that post content full of spams and irrelevant information.

I think now you understand the importance of these metrics better.

Metrics can be tiring, right? However, nowadays if you know which they are and where to look they become easier and easier. Google Analytics, Yola’s Sitewit Analytics or Phpmyvisits are only some that can help you with all of the previously shown metrics.

That leads us to the measurement of your blog’s success and all the perks it brings in the online era. Not only that you’ll see how attractive your blog is to users, how interested they are in it or how much they interact with it, but you’ll also realize how many potential customers and subscribers you’ll get and whether the blog is linked to relevant sites and blogs. That’s something that shouldn’t be ignored. So, come on, go explore all the metrics and tell us how successful your blog is in the comments!

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