The Top 5 Blog Topics That Make Money

Blogging is a noble job. Inspiration suddenly hits and users grab the keyboards in their hands to type everything that lies in their minds. Idea after idea and they fill their blogs with posts connected to their field of expertise.

However, nowadays, most bloggers are not satisfied with that. They don’t feel the benefits of blogging if they don’t get a lot of traffic and the users don’t subscribe or buy what they offer. They feel like everything they write is in vain if it doesn’t bring them money. So if you’re not one of them, you should stop reading.

Even though sometimes a wish for money is one thing and the reality another, that’s not the case here. There are certain topics that you could write and make money of. Interested? Then follow me and let’s see the top five gold miners.

1. Blogging Tips


Blog posts about blogging? Yes. That’s exactly what users tend to read in the modern society of today. There are a lot of them out there, who are eager to start their own blog and share their own thoughts rather than share some else’s. That’s where you come in with posts connected to the most useful tips on blogging. If you reveal the secrets and tricks that would lead people to making successful blogs, you’re guaranteed overflows of traffic and that brings more potential customers and ads that are actually gold themselves.

For example, you can craft a few posts on your blog that revolve around “Useful ways to attract subscribers”, “What do you need to start your blog”, “Ten essential elements of your posts” and so on. Check out our Rabbut. It does that perfectly.

2. Buy and Sell

friends shopping

Understandably, as the thrill of shopping and spending money has transferred in our living rooms or beds where we order what we need on the screens, another great blog topic would be the buy and sell. Turn your blog into a blend of the most attractive products on the market and earn a great deal with that. You just have to be willing to dedicate your whole time and effort in making it as attractive and well-known as possible. That’s the whole point of all of this, is it not?

To illustrate, take a look at Olx. It’s a blog that helps buyers and sellers from all over the world to connect and offer their goods or services. You can imagine what the owner’s bank account looks like, right? Then make your own look like that, too, by implementing this topic on your blog.

3. Showbiz

Way to success on the red carpet (Barrier rope)

We are all consumed by how other people’s lives look like, so another very profitable topic is the showbiz or everything connected to the famous people in our society. The so called celebrities are a good way to launch your blog in the popular waters and earn as much money from it as possible. A day doesn’t pass without a whole bunch of people clicking multiple websites that contain news about their favorite singers or actors and actresses. That’s why gather everything on your blog and present them a wonderful plethora of posts they’ll adore.

For instance, you can include the latest fashion trends on the red carpets offering some advice on how to find similar clothes like those, then rare photos of celebrities on the beach or on vacation or in hotels (a juicy tale is always welcome), news related to the latest movies or albums that are to be released and even reviews on a trendy movie or book you have watched or read. Trust me! Writing about all of these things is like winning the lottery. Take a look at Hypable to get an idea.

4. Love


They don’t say in vain that love is the strongest force that’s spinning the world. Even wars were led in the past because of it. However, today, love can bring benefits for all if it is included in our online lives as well as the real ones. What am I babbling about? I mean blogs, of course. Love is a great way to make money out of your blog as more and more people are searching for love advice every day. Whether you decide to provide relationships’ tips or simply show people how to be romantic and please the ones they love or go through a heart break, believe me that it will pay off.

For instance, you can create a thread where users would be able to ask questions linked to the love struggles they face and you can provide the answers. That would make them flow on your blog in huge numbers expecting a solution to their problems. Also you can use your own experience in the field of love and share your advice on relationships, first crushes, dates and so on. Take a look at Sam Owen’s blog for illustration.

5. Health and fitness

Sport clothes and accessories on a wooden background, View from above

A very widespread topic that users often search for is the health and fitness. Why? It’s obvious. No matter the religion, race or the place of living, everyone needs advice on how to live their lives in a healthy way. Look at it this way. A person from China would be equally interested to read about nutrition habits as a person from the USA. That’s why it’s very popular and profitable to blog in this niche.

If you think you have enough expertise to provide tips on healthy foods or fitness activities definitely try this topic to earn more from your blog. As an example take a look at Mark’s Daily Apple.

These five topics unite business with pleasure, allowing you to make money and in the same time enjoy writing your posts. They are definitely promising success for you and your blog so it is essential that you tried them out, especially if you strive to earn a lot from blogging. So what are you waiting for? Open your blog and start typing. And don’t forget to tell us which topic you chose in the comments!

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