The Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting Sites

It’s not a secret that some blogs do better online than others. They have a bunch of subscribers, traffic overflows their posts every day and their success is rocket high. They aren’t called influencers in their fields for nothing.

All of this leads us to the logical explanation that these bloggers contribute a great deal to the public’s opinion about different things. Simply, they shape the way people view things. Where are we heading?

It’s quite clear. You and your blog. If you want to expand your reach and actually make a difference with your writing, a clever idea would be to knock on other bloggers’ door and ask for a cup of tea at their house. Of course, not actual tea, but rather one in the form of a blog post on their site. Ah. Now we are talking.

You need sites that will let you inside and even help you contribute both to their as well as your success. Ready to find out which they are? Then behold the ultimate guide to guest posting sites that will welcome you with their open hands.

Guest posting sites to pitch to


Hold on tight as this can get a bit too overwhelming. Especially when you read some of the most famous names in the blogging world among them. I’m as excited as you, so let’s dive into these sites accepting guest posts together.

  1. The Huffington Post
  2. Mashable
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. HubSpot
  5. Search Engine Land
  6. About
  7. Moz
  8. Social Media Examiner
  9. Content Marketing Institute
  10. Social Media Today
  11. Business 2 Community
  12. MarketingProfs
  13. Lifehack
  14. Small Business Trends
  15. All Business
  16. FreshBooks
  17. Kissmetrics
  18. Outbrain
  19. CoSchedule
  20. Daily Blog Tips
  21. Duct Tape Marketing
  22. Bplans
  23. I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  24. Inbound
  25. The SITS Girls
  26. Search Engine People
  27. Dumb Little Man
  28. Write to Done
  29. TechWyse
  30. ShoutMeLoud
  31. The Penny Hoarder
  32. Inspiration Feed
  33. Men with Pens
  34. IncomeDiary
  35. Freelancers Union
  36. Matthew Woodward
  37. Succeed As Your Own Boss
  38. The Write Life
  39. Make a Living Writing
  40. Mirasee
  41. Famous Bloggers
  42. GrowMap
  43. Traffic Generation Café
  44. Live Write Thrive
  45. Successful Blogging
  46. StartupBros
  47. Mad Lemmings
  48. Writers Helping Writers
  49. Write It Sideways
  50. Be a Freelance Blogger
  51. Be A Better Blogger
  52. OnlineIncomeTeacher
  53. Readwrite
  54. foXnoMad
  55. Food Sense
  56. Copyblogger
  57. iAmWire
  58. Site Point
  59. The Sun Magazine
  60. The Kitchn
  61. Inspiring Travelers
  62. Investing
  63. Fat Wallet
  64. Seeking Alpha
  65. BodyBuilding
  66. SheKnows


All in all, these guest posting sites offer a wide range of topics to write about and possibilities to use to your advantage. You only need to stay focused and blend in. Firstly, check out their articles and see if they’re something you can write and find the right editor in your particular niche. Carefully examine their writing style, the formatting, the audience they’re aiming at and most importantly the whole structure of these sites’ other posts. If you manage to get close to their habits, they’ll easily let you become a part of their team. Yay!

Now go and explore all of these guest posting sites and tell us which ones you’ll be pitching to in the comments! Happy guest posting!

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