Tricks on Expanding Your Blog and Growing Your Audience

Who am I? What am I doing with my blog?

There always comes a time when you start wondering who you are as a blogger and what you’re achieving through your blog. Don’t worry! All bloggers struggle with that. However, the only way to find an answer to those questions is to look at your traffic. It feels small, right? Like no matter what you do people just won’t come to you in huge numbers.

That, my friends, means that it’s time for you to expand your blog and find the right ways to engage with your visitors. The more attention you pay to them and your blog, the more and more of them will be flocking your posts.

If that’s what you’re after here, then you’ve come to the right place. Here I offer you all the tricks and tips you need to both expand your blog and grow your audience. So, what are we waiting for?

Write! Write! Write!

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One of the best ways to develop your skills and in the same time expand your blog is by writing all the time. You have to understand that giving content to the users as often as possible is the key to attracting their attention. Flood your blog with posts connected to all different stuff from your niche and expect visitors to flood it in return. However, by no means you should do that frantically and without a plan. Schedule a period on your calendar and abide by it when posting.

For instance, you can choose the days from Monday to Friday as perfect for sharing your thoughts with your audience. Then respect that and publish your posts consistently in that period. Your readers will appreciate that and see you as a devoted professional who can be trusted. Not to mention that your blog will grow slowly, but surely.

Build your fan base


Maybe you wonder who would want to be your fan and why. That’s a totally wrong question, I’m afraid. Instead, you should ask yourself how to build a loyal audience for your blog. It’ll be like your fan base where all readers thrilled by your content will be able to interact and hear more of you. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? And it’s quite useful in the expansion of your blog.

For instance, if you run a food blog, focus on building a loyal fan base of all the users interested in everything you post. Reply to their comments, share even more recipes with them, help them with the cooking of the meals and simply be there for them all the time.

Use the Hummingbird

hummingbird and flower

In the Hummingbird time, you have an opportunity to take advantage of the synonyms and spread the reach of your blog as far as it would go. Basically, since this update, Google has been ranking synonyms of the words you search for. For example, if you search for ‘company’, results that contain ‘agency’ will come up, too, even the word ‘agency’ is not even mentioned in your posts. Makes sense?

Razvan from CognitiveSEO talks about this in his original post. Apparently, if you write your content so that it contains both the keywords and the synonyms of those keywords, your rankings will be rocket high. So, why not use the Hummingbird to grow your audience and making yourself known when you can?

It’s this simple:

• You can use Thesaurus to find synonyms of your keywords
 • With Keyword Planner you can identify the ones with the highest search volume
 • Simply implement them in your content

This way the Hummingbird will do a great deal for your blog, believe me.

Partner with influencers

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If you want to expand the borders of your blog and at the same time gain more readers, you have to work in a net of other people. Isolation is the killer of your success. That’s where the influencers play the main role. Partnering with them and having them contribute to your content will completely change your blog in a positive way.

Matthew Barby, the CEO of Hubspot, has a great strategy. To grow your audience in stunning numbers, you need to get influencers to write for you. Yes, you heard right. Find the top influencers in your field and offer them to write for you. As you know, that’s a tough job, so you’ll need something irresistible to make them accept. After all, it’s not like they can hop from blog to blog and share their posts. Money is the first thought, obviously, but aside from that, you might convince them by offering to link back to their site whenever they post something to yours, give them your products or services for free and stuff like that. You’ll surely get a lot out of this partnership!

Share all the time

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A lot of bloggers hit the ‘share’ button once they publish their posts and that’s it. They expect the audiences to come to them and their blog to expand by itself. No, my friends. Let’s be honest here. You need so, so much more persuasion ahead of you. And the start of it is to share your content constantly.

For example, if you’ve shared your new post on ‘The best pizza recipes’ once, share it twice and thrice on all social media platforms, if nothing else to remind the users of its existence. Don’t be afraid that you’ll sound spammy, as you’ll find different approaches each time you share.

For illustration, let’s take a look at these four possible posts on social media:

• First share: The best pizza recipes out there [link to your blog post]
 • Second share: Do you want to find out which are the best pizza recipes in the whole world? [link to your blog post]
 • Third share: “All pizzas are not the same. They all require unique ingredients” [link to your blog post]
 • Fourth share: Most of the people worldwide think that the best pizza comes from Italy [link to your blog post]

You see how you can share the same blog post, but with four different approaches starting from the usage of the headline, asking a question to citing yourself and stating a fact. Awesome, right?

As a final word, I think that it’s obvious that the growth of your audience and the expansion of your blog depend mostly on yourself and the strategies you’ll develop. Whether it’s the constant writing, the sharing of the content or partnering with influencers and feeding the hummingbird, you have all the tactics and tricks in the world to help you out. Just be brave and open to trying new stuff and the success will knock on your door by itself. What are you waiting for? Go and grow your blog and you can tell us how it went in the comments later.

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