Trigger Words that Get People to Click ‘Subscribe’

Fact: not all visitors respond to your call-to-action (CTA), no matter how hard you try to spice up your content.

BUT, here’s the good news! There’s a strategy you can do to increase the number of new subscribers and acquire a loyal following. Specialists have put together a huge list of words and phrases that trigger users into clicking the subscribe button. Choose tactically, and you’ll see more people following your brand or business.

Notice the bold words in the last paragraph? You might not realize it, but your brain reacts faster to specific words (especially when it’s highlighted) than with regular content. This leads to a complex theory about how our brain reacts to specific messages, which has generated a full range of strategies to improve subscription rates. And, since we’re talking about it, “subscribe” is not one of them.

Popular words to start with

  • You
  • Free
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • New

According to Gregory Ciotti, words likes these, provide motivation and generate emotions that trigger people to click. The strength of “you” puts writers in a direct relationship with readers, while “instantly” motivates and creates a positive reaction towards any offer. With “because,” you transmit the message of an existing reason for taking action. It may sound odd at first, but our minds frequently associate “because” with reasons, and when we know the logical side of the story, we feel more comfortable making choices. Of course, “new” and “free” are more obvious: one makes users think about a fresh and innovative product, while the other means no costs.

Specialists call these five words the most persuasive words in English, because they have strong effects on our brains, which more or less attracts almost all types of readers.

It’s not easy to wrap your content around these words, and sometimes it can be impossible to make your CTA based off on them. Luckily, the English language has more than 5 powerful words.

Another trigger word that works is “me.” Surprisingly, making the speech in the first voice has given great results for a series of brands. took this to the test. They changed their CTA button from “Get your free 30-day trial” to “Get my free 30-day trial.” As a result, they got a staggering 90% increase in click rates.

You might feel tempted to change the text on your subscription button like theirs, but don’t. What works for one business might not work for yours. In that case, try several versions of your message before finding the winning button. Try to use simple and efficient words like: “Suddenly,” “Amazing,” “Sensational,” “Now,” “Magic,” “Miracle,” “Offer,” “Introducing,” “Quick,” “Easy,” “Bargain,” and “Hurry.”

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Image credit to Bufferapp[/caption]

Most successful strategies use clear words, and this is to make sure users understand the benefits of joining your brand. Even if you go for a negative statement, you should make sure you add some positive comments to it.

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Ultimately, make your message clear along with power words, as that will determine whether users click or not.

What’s the right trigger word for my brand?

If you research enough, and you’ll find out how awfully similar these CTA words are. For most, “Click here” brings good results. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the same simple message will work for you too. The simplest way to know which trigger words are the right ones for your business is by knowing your users first.

This is too big of a topic to describe here, but the best tool to know about your target audience inside and out is through Google Analytics. Once you find out more about who they are and where they’re coming from, you can then start speaking their language and eventually get them to click.

But if you can’t afford any fancy instrument to make your life easier, here’s a underrated strategy that has the power to reach every user regardless of background, without appearing too salesy — honesty.

Tricking people into something that they weren’t looking for will no doubt bring bad results. That said, choose titles and headings that directly tells users what they’ll get from subscribing with you, with your trigger word. This way, users know what they’ll receive with a click, bringing you a higher chance to convert them. Since we’re still talking about honesty, try to give users complete information about your products. If you’re choosing “Free” as a trigger word, tell your users about any additional costs that might appear in the future. After all, it’s important to build a business relationship based on trust for positive long-term results. Plus, a user that trusts you is easier to convert than one who’s confused or angry.

Another thing to consider is choosing the right message for your business. Go for “Apply Now” or “Contact us” if you’ve already specified in your texts what benefits users will get if they click. “View deal” works well too if you’re really offering something advantageous for your readers. And if you want to introduce people to be part of your community, “Join” or “Come along” gives off a nice welcoming touch. As you can see, the right message depends on your purpose as much as for your readers. I can’t stress how crucial it is to know exactly what you want first before you start figuring out which trigger word to use for your subscription button.

Why are these words better to use? Because they send positive messages, enough to influence someone’s attention towards making the decision to commit to your service.

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Image credit to Leslie Fieger[/caption]

Pinpointing which trigger word is the right one for your brand is not a simple walk in the park. Having a clear message and knowing what users expect from you puts you closer to a strategy that guarantees more conversions. Take some of these recommended words to build your message and you’ll be surprised at how much more subscribers you’ll get.

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