Why you should use your name for your business email

Today, customers are always on the go. Therefore, it’s important to make the best impression whenever you send email notifications to their inbox. After all, 92% of online adults use email, with 61% using it on an average day.

So how do I make a great impression that will get them to open my email?

The first and most important email technique — personalizing the sender’s name. The second is crafting a catchy subject line, but given all the mass research about it, that will be another post of its own.

Now, allow me to give you an in-depth look into why using your name for your business email is better for the future of your business.

The 3 Reasons Why You Should Use A Personal Business Email

Shows people that your business is real

People like talking to real people, not to some faceless employee. And one big mistake that some businesses still do is send emails from vague division names like support@, tech@, sales@, and customer@. I’m not saying you should get rid of these (they are important for customer support!), but instead reply back from a personalized business email.

You see, when people check their inbox, the first thing they look at is the sender’s name — notably those with real names. Because it reminds us of emails sent from our significant other, parents, kids, and friends, and out of any given day, we’d always choose to open our personal emails than business emails.

So by giving a bit of human touch to your business email, you show others that your business is run by real people. That’s the key to making your business more memorable in your customer’s inbox.

Builds your brand

When you and each of your team members have a personal business email, you all start to care about your work. Because you’re not just writing behind the name of the company, you’re representing the face of the company. That’s a huge role and something that can either steer towards a million dollar business or jeopardize your (and the company’s) future.

Personal business emails make people feel more responsible for the sake of the company — the good kind of responsibility. The one where if they do something right, they feel extremely good. In most cases, that’d be helping customers. And when you have happy employees, you have happy customers. Keep this up, and you’ll have a brand that people will always remember and come back to.

Gives you higher open AND response rates

Based on research, 82% of consumers open emails from companies. Add in personalized promotions (emails sent personally by you) and you get 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates than non-personalized mailings. All of this boils down to one conclusion: names can sell.

It might take some warmups to persuade someone to use your product, but the more you email them, the better they will remember you. Use your name to build trust, then everything will go in your favor.

What should I put before the @?

Before you decide on your personalized business email address, take a minute to think about your future. Because once your name is set, that’s it! That will be the name people will remember you by.

The most popular choices are:

  • firstname@company.com

This is the easiest and most personal email name you can go with. If you have a small team or just want to be THE original, choose this.

  • lastname@company.com

This is for you if you value your last name more than your first. It’ll sound a bit more professional, but if that’s what you intended, go for it!

  • firstnamelastname@company.com

Use this if you want to give people your full profile, your whole name and the company you work for.

Not quite your style? Here’s some more ideas:

  • firstname.lastname@company.com
  • firstnamelastinitial@company.com
  • firstinitiallastname@company.com

Once you’re settled, follow this simple guide to create your own personalized business email address. You’ll be on your way to giving better customer service but most importantly, building your brand.

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