The Appropriate Response to the Shooting of Steve Scalise
Austin Frank

This isn’t a question of one ideology versus another. This is a case where the “fake news” is determined by omission. It’s not inaccurate but it is dishonest beyond belief. Guns in this country know no political or cultural boundary. To blame gun violence the rhetoric of the left ignores countless examples of violence threats on the right and several acts clearly brought on by right-wing rhetoric: ask Gabby Giffords how she feels about having her head almost blown off. Or talk to the nutjob who shot up a pizza parlor alleged to be the home of a Clinton-led child sex ring. You’re just out to score points. And I guess for that you should be bro-style high-fived. “Great job dude!”

And by the way, “Guns, guns, guns for everyone” is the rallying cry for one end of the ideological spectrum. And the victims of this shooting feature many of its most vocal adherents.

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