What the Hell is Wrong with the House Democrats?
Steve Phillips

Totally! Jim Traficant and old Mayor Daley are not the future of the Democratic Party. Tim Ryan is not the future of the party. And if the GOP decides to actually privatize Medicare (even if they delay implementation), then look out in 2018. Democrats can call it Ryancare or Republicare, say NFW! and win a lot of House races in these white districts by default. The thing about Republicans that people seem to forget is that they are really good at being the opposition and really bad at actually governing. It’s actually quite sad for folks in the Midwest who’ve been beaten down for decades. Trump spoke to their anger (blaming minorities in rather disgusting ways) but he and his cohorts will do nothing to solve the economic dislocation that made them angry in the first place. I mean, blacks, gays and Latinos are not their problem. In fact, if working-class whites got together with people of color, they’d find people who share the same fears fighting the same battles. That coalition would be hard to beat. And Republicans know it.

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