If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Well yeah but no. I agree that the USA is off balance and is sliding off its perch at the top. But it’s a slide that will take some time. Trump is the biggest accelerator we’ve seen but even he isn’t powerful enough to blow us off the map. I’d say yes, it’s a slide that knocks those at the bottom off first.

But I would say those at the bottom seem not to understand what might keep them from free-fall. No, no, I’m not saying it’s because they are stupid or less-than. I think their view of the world makes total sense in light of their experience and their fears. It’s hard to think of coalescing with people who share your experience when you don’t know them and are told they are your enemy. I think the only way to understand people is to listen to them and see where their experience matches mine.

Rural USA is in a shithole not of its own making. And, until last year, the GOP got rural votes without actually doing anything to help them. Yes, Trump’s success was at the expense of the GOP establishment that wanted to keep using wink-wink code words but give all the goodies to wealthy people. And yes, Dems similarly get poor urban votes, but Democrats do at least operate under the concept that government action can help its less fortunate constituents.

Still the big problem for rural America isn’t a Trump impeachment. It’s that continual and unstoppable hollowing out of their existence. Many have pointed out that farming is corporate. That truck-driving soon will be automated. That the only way for many to escape is the military. It’s a problem we urban folks at once ignore and scorn.

Also, we have seen this sort of political threat before: 1929–1932. I think it’s not an exaggeration to say FDR saved democracy. And that a right or left wing demagogue could have beaten a less potent, strong and smart politician. Too for bad the Soviet Union they didn’t have Wikileaks in 1932.

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