You are all up in arms about racism not being there but you seem extremely racist towards white…
Tig Noonan

Yeah, well, there is that whole “slavery” thing followed by 150+ years of economic and social battery. I, as a white-skinned man, lose nothing by listening without judgment to people whose experience is difficult to say the least. I lose a lot when I get defensive and accuse them of the horrible thing that they actually experience every single day. I’m no better that the next guy when it comes to bigotry, even though I’m a gay Arab-American. I don’t think anyone is “bigotry-free”. But I didn’t suffer the economic and social assaults that African-Americans and Latinos and Trans (I always forget the right word) still get hit with. I wasn’t kicked to the floor and told it was totally up to me to get up and walk. She’s right: this ad features a big corporation selling beer by trying to seem reasonable about virulent hate and sheer stupidity.

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