Investments landscape nowadays — We need more enterprise software investors

B2C App idea

I want to build an app so “paper clip” lovers share their love for “paper clip”. An instagram for “paper clip”. An untapped market

Do you have a business plan?

A product?
Only mockups

A team?
No, but i am looking for cofounders

What is your business model?

What is your pre-money valuation?
18 million dollars

How much money are you looking for?
2 million dollars giving back 10% equity

What is your CAC and LTV?
What are CACs and LTVs?

You are a visionary and we invest in people. You will receive a term sheet from us soon

A proven enterprise B2B product

I have a proven enterprise product that is solving a huge problem. We are bootstrapped and built the company from the ground up and are used by the biggest enterprises in the Region

Do you have a business plan?

A product?
Yes and it is in it’s 7th release

A team?
Yes, we are 40

All developed in house. we own our IP

60 clients, we are completly client funded

Business model
Our business model is battle proven

Do you have a scaling strategy?
Yes, i will send it to you after our meeting

What is your pre-money valuation?
10 million dollars

How much do you need?
5 million dollars for 33% equity

Are you ready to scale?
Yes, i have 70 clients in my pipeline

What about the team?
I have a recruitment plan in place and the candidates are vetted

Do you have an exit strategy?

Did any company asked you about acquisition?

“The enterprise corporation Inc.” are looking at us

Did they sign? Do you know for how much you are gonna be acquired?

No how could i know that at this stage?

Sorry you are not ready, we will get back to you if we change our mind

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