Mysterious Himalayan Treks In Nepal

The beauty of the Himalayas offer a realistic option for family holidays to all the adventure travelers aiming to provide a beautiful and educational adventure experience. Mt. Everest, which also stands as a synonym for the grandest of adventures, is definitely appealing to everyone. Even touching the foothill, if not the summit, of this grand mountain may be an aspiring adventure for all. All the great experiences are enjoyed with the close and dear ones. The Everest View is an ideal view for all those who wish to enjoy this grand adventure of all time with close ones of all ages.

The blend of adventure and cultural exploration is a great way to experience the Himalayan Region. The trekking is ideal for the one looking to explore unique Sherpa Culture and enjoy magnificent views of Everest within a short period of time. The trek takes the trekkers to the lush vegetation of Sagarmatha National Park with rhododendron and pine forest with abundant wildlife. Travelers get plenty of stunning photographic moments along the trails full of rich flora, fauna and mountain scenery. There are plenty of opportunities to interact with many legendary Sherpa mountaineers and participate in their astonishing traditional lifestyle.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Trek is an enjoyable adventure for the family, Student Groups and even differently able People. The trek takes place in the Everest region — one of the best trekking destinations in Nepal. The trek requires moderate physical fitness for a comfortable trekking experience. This trek is an ideal for the one who would like to explore the Everest region without doing the much challenging Everest Base Camp trek.

Acclimatization at the higher altitude is very essential for every trekkers going up-hill. It is always better to stay in Eco lodges and guest houses in the villages. Knowledgeable guides are well versed with local geography and culture, providing you with reliable information so better to stick with them. The trip to the Everest region is a wondrous experience for any age. It’s a wonderful experience that your family will remember for years to come.