Feeling Vulnerable

Image created on Canva by Rachel B. Baxter

Sharing my work is a new thing for me. I don’t remember the exact day or hour or minute I decided to start putting myself out there, but ever since that time, I’ve felt like I’ve been on a never-ending rugged hiking trail. There are beautiful sights along the way and moments of magic that I would have missed out on otherwise, but there are also blisters on my feet, a hunger in my stomach, and dirt on my face and under my fingernails. I feel strong and able. I feel like I can keep up. But, I also feel tired, weak, and much more vulnerable than I am comfortable with.

Now I want to quit. But, I’m too far in the woods and it’s getting late. I am exhausted, uncomfortable, and weakened, but I have to keep moving. This part of the woods is nice and inviting, I could stay here for a while. The introvert in me is tempting me to. However, this struggle is a good one, and I know it, despite the bumps and bruises that are adding up along the way.

So, I will continue sharing my poetry and fiction with the world. There are so many trails I have yet to explore and I can hear them calling my name.