Untitled Poem

Image from Pixabay.

The unusual weather today matches my mood.
Torrents of rain, tears,
The roaring of the wind, my inner voice.
I long for the silence of January that
I’ve grown accustomed to.
This storm feels so out of place -
Heavy downpours where there should be
Lightly falling snow,
Destructive gusts of wind where there should be
An icy chill hanging, unmoving in the air.
I find comfort in this frozen world
And peace in it’s stagnation,
But nature has other plans -
For the glistening snow has melted into
Brown pools of mud and
Once strong limbs are being torn from trees.
And, I will wait for this storm to pass,
As storms always do,
And, I will hope for the restoration of balance
That always seems to return,
One way or the other.

I set the timer for 15 minutes and started writing about an idea that came to me when the weather took a turn. I didn’t allow myself enough time to give it a title, so it remains untitled, as well as completely unedited :o, for now!