I’ve also got a thing for pure raw emotion, hence my attraction to the subjects of love and emotional pain, two of the most basic and powerful emotions that pretty much every one shares.
I had some bad experiences early on with poetry in from by some very bad writers in a really bad…
Heath Houston

Yes. I think this is what makes your work so relatable. I often read your work and it feels like a memory, like I’ve felt this thing before….and you always make those feelings come alive with your words. You give words to these sort of subtle inklings and vague, fleeting emotions that are present in all of us.

I hear what you’re saying about poetry and school. When I talk to people about it, I either hear that they had a great experience or a horrible experience with it in school. I was fortunate to have one awesome rock star teacher (and that was all it took) when I was 15 who introduced me to poetry in such a way that from then on, there was no turning back. It was a part of me. I do realize that that experience is a rarity and one of my goals for Poetry in Form was to be able to say: forget what you know about form, you can do this, and you will be surprised by the results.

Deciding when to use form and when not to is key. Some pieces are going to be enhanced by it, while others are going to thrive on that chaos you’re talking about. I think you really have a feel for that and I admire that a lot.

Ok, I just wrote a book. I’ll stop now. Thank you for this response. It was clearly very thought-provoking for me.

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