Thoughts on College

College. The time in our lives when we are expected to miraculously, over the four month time span between high school graduation and move-in day, become ADULTS. Sounds pretty doable, I know. It’s like when the baby bird has finally reached a point where it can be nudged from the nest and (hopefully) muster up enough strength and courage to fly on its own, soar among the trees, and do all sorts of little bird things. Ah, the life. College is supposed to be a time for us young adults (there’s that word again) to discover who we truly are, to challenge ourselves, meet new people, form connections, and grow. And yes, college is perfect for all of these. Of course, everyone has to make mistakes in the process, and those mistakes usually occur as a result of poor decision making. Example: Writing a six-page paper 24 hours (or less) from the due date vs. staying out until 2 a.m. with friends, or as I often like to do, staying up until 2 a.m. watching Spongebob. You choose. Procrastination is something I NEVER thought would get the best of me in college, but here I am writing this when I really should be studying or doing homework or studying some more. So yeah, time management is a quality that may grace you with its presence in high school, but once college comes around, simply vanishes.

Self-discipline is key. Going to class every day, five days a week can be a struggle sometimes. And exhausting. Especially if you are in class until 4:30 every day and still need to make time to do homework, study, possibly enhance your social life, and oh yeah, eat. Which isn’t easy after a whole semester of eating dining hall “food”, followed by mom’s delicious home cooked meals, only to be greeted once again by the sub-par nourishment at university. But no matter how hard that clinomania hits ya, (which by the way, is “the excessive desire to stay in bed,”) you will eventually have to get out of bed to pee or something, so you may as well rip that Band-Aid off and get out sooner rather than later.

I have a lot more to say on this fine subject of adulthood and college life, but I don’t enjoy writing freaking books about the latest and greatest. I guess what I want to end on is this: College is a HUGE change. It doesn’t matter if you are minutes or miles away. The fact is, everyone has to adjust somehow. And everybody comes to college to learn and grow. The sad truth is, you aren’t going to miraculously become an adult, or a flying bird or whatever other metaphor is suitable. When you enter college, you probably are more of a tadpole. Or a tadpole with legs.. Anyway, you’re going to have to fall a few times. Or maybe a lot of times. But that’s exactly what makes us human and lets us strive to become the best version of ourselves. That is something that I hope incoming freshmen will take to heart.