The offensive, sexist joke that is Candy Carson vs. Michelle Obama
Ashley H

Some Personal Observations of the Obama/Carson Wives Meme

This is the first time I have seen this meme, and despite the initial reaction I felt (which is what the creator wanted), upon closer inspection and reflection of each couple’s body language, this is what I see:

The Obamas are looking in opposite directions. They are not touching each other. They are not smiling. They actually appear to be smirking. Their body language displays a couple that is very intent and focused on being on display for the world and focused on nothing else.

The Carsons are both looking in the same direction. They are clasping hands. Their smiles are engulfing their faces. Their body language shows a couple completely unconcerned about the judgmental eye of the world and only focused on the people around them.

I am not going to be naive enough to say that these momentary snapshots are windows into the souls of these two couples — but they might be.