How music was influenced in Post-Modern era?

Post-Modernism suggests that popular culture and media images increasingly dominate our sense of reality, the way we define ourselves, and the world around us.

Unlike the music of previous periods in musical history, Post-Modernism in music is not a particular musical style or trend, but is more particularly a period of time in which an extremely wide variety of new and innovative music developed. For example, the combination of new instrument or using new technologies to produce the new kind of sound or even creating new kind of music, song remix or cover by DJ and young artist, the rising of online platform that create the new way to listen to music. We are living in the world that we perceive everything, but sometime it hardly to claim that what is really original what is copied became they are all equally as real, and equally as unreal, depended on how you look at it.

The rising of online platform, social media, and digital network makes music become more diversified. On the other words, the technological advancement such as music program that helps artist multitasking instruments, music tutorial, composing program, online musical notation, and online channel broadcasting song, help new artists producing song easier than ever before which resulting in the variety of music types, new music channels, young talent artists arise from social media, and etc. Undoubtedly, Post-Modern interconnection establishes new opportunities to generate creative and innovative way of music and also transform the music market from traditional media that listening through radio or TV into online channel and application that easy access in anytime and anywhere.

Pure reality is replaced by hyperreality where any sense of what’s real and imaginary is eroded.

Post-Modernism clam that there are vary idea of reality gets dismissed. Representation gets playful, gets remixed and mashed up. One of example would be DJ remix song from the original. Generally, some people might consider this remix as the copied. However, in postmodernist perspective, they believe that everything is original which represent some point that real. Other example is song cover in Youtube. According to youtube, Youtube is made up of videos, in practice it has also become the world’s largest streaming music service, used by more people than well-known names like Spotify or Apple when it comes to consuming songs and albums and there are more than 800 million monthly unique visitors. Majority of young artists use youtube as the channel to show singing performance by covering their favorite song or popular song at the time. Sometime, a song that people covering gets more views than the original. So, it clearly shown that in Post-Modern era, people no longer see the difference between what is real and what is not, instead, they try to match their interests with their identity and motivation in order to select what is best for them.

In conclusion, in Post-Modern era, music become various than ever before. The rising of technological advancement helps artists easier in both producing song and broadcasting to public which in return it also increase more diverse of song globally. To become the singer, artist in Post-Modern era does not require much effort to join record label like in the past, they can just make their own group, cover song and post via online channel like youtube to share their song and earn some money. From my perspective, I believe that Post-Modern period is the starting point of the music revolution in the future.

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