Why is your web so awful?

Millions of webs are produced everyday.However,why are fabulous webs so rare?As a UX designer or UI designer,do you really know what is the problem of the web that you designed?

A designer firstly is an engineer.

It is extremely important to understand this point.Let’s see automobile design industry.A automobile designer must conduct a deep investigation before he draws a automobile.He needs to think about all the aspects of the use of the cars.These aspects include the income of the owners,the type of the road on which the owner will drive and even the characteristic of the sales area.In other words,the design is not produced out of thin air.It must be based on the real understanding and analysis of your users.And all of these things are based on the investigation tha you conducted.All in all,design comes from the anlysis.Besides,the designer has to know aero-mechanics,the power of the automobile and other technical problems.

What kind of characteristics do the failing web design have?

1.Lack of analysis

Like I said above,analysis produces design.For web design,it needs to analyse the users and the current web.Those who want to provide new page design for Facebook don’t have these information.This is the reason they failed.Besides,every designer should understand that a web not only needs to look beautiful,but also to have the functioons that users or web owners need.For example,web owners may want to attract new users or get revenue from their users.

2.Lack of tests

Those big webs which own millions of users will never change their webs without pre-testing.Designers must adjust their webs according to the results of the tests to avoid losing their users.Companies often change their products many times before they release their new products.

3.Destroying the brand

Recently I find that many fresh designers express their ideas avtively.They desire to change the products according to their ideas.They think their design will be more popular than the previous design.So they change the logo arbitarily.This behavior will cause serious damage to the image of the company and reduce the trust of users. This is the biggest mistake made by the designer. In fact, we are accustomed to Youtobe is red, Facebook is blue. Each company has its own identifiable color or style, changing the color blindly will only make you lose your users.

4.The complexity of support

Designers often only consider the use of beautiful pictures and forget the accessibility of the site and to support the increased content in the future. For example, in the media area, designers must ensure that the site administrator can easily released a new article or video. And all the users can browse the website on a mobile device.

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