Seeing Fort Point with fresh eyes

“Mama, let’s squish on!” my six year old daughter shouts as we see the crowd waiting for the Silver Line at rush hour. Last week I brought my daughter to the Seaport to explore the Fort Point Channel with the Community Boat Building summer camp at Fan Pier. Seeing Fort Point and the Seaport through her eyes has inspired me and my staff to finally stop talking about setting up a blog and start putting one together.

First, I have to give a huge shout out to Community Boat Building. They have put together an amazing program this summer to get kids out and about on the Fort Point Channel. The campers have done everything from building remote control boats at the classroom at Liberty Drive to paddling row boats everyday on the Channel to playing at Fan Pier’s new playground. They’ve even dissected squid to learn about anatomy! The instructors are amazingly supportive of the kids and manage to get even the most nervous camper out on the water.

I’ve personally been enjoying my commute in from Somerville to Fort Point with my little mini-me. We join the commuter rush from the Red Line to the Silver, getting off the Courthouse Station. We take advantage of the time saved on the walk from South Station to get a coffee and a snack at a local coffee shop, like Brew at District Hall. I also get to hear about the impressions of the Seaport from my daughter. She shares her love of all the construction equipment and workers but expresses dismay over the smoking and cigarette butts dotting the sidewalk next to Seaport Square.

On the way home, we walk from Liberty Drive to South Station. This is where the best exploring happens. We investigate inside Our Lady of Good Voyage and discuss whether the boats inside will make it over to the newChapel on Sleeper Street. At the Envoy Hotel, we stop by for a brief respite from the heat. That’s when the always welcoming general manager, Joe Mellia, invites us to sit at the Outlook Restaurant for a lemonade. My daughter whispers,”This is fancy, Mama”, as the after work crowd starts shuffling in. She then gets excited to meet a local artist friend that has also dropped in to the Envoy to escape the heat.

My daughter loves all of the bridges of Fort Point. She loves taking in the view from the top of the Moakley Bridge and admiring Shimmer on the Congress Street Bridge by local artists Claudia Ravaschiere and Michael Moss. She also delights in listening to the actors at the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum shout for the end of the tax on tea. I treasure how time slows down when I walk with my daughter and listen to her commentary. It reveals things I would otherwise miss as I rush from place to place in Fort Point.

Which brings me back to blogging…..

Writing takes time- and it’s tempting to focus on social media, where brevity and speed rule. However, we will work hard to craft content that embodies the core qualities of Friends of Fort Point Channel. Life in Fort Point cannot just be limited to 140 characters. We hope to develop content gets people out of the office to explore our neighborhood. Come join us on our journey, as we share and showcase everything Fort Point has to offer.

Rachel Borgatti

Executive Director, Friends of Fort Point Channel

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