#Indianadventure starts well with a fire alarm and evacuation at Heathrow!
Rachel Murphy

Eye opening bike ride around Bombay at 615 this morning! Stumbled across a dead body onroute to the bike pickup venue and then met about 20 fellow travellers. We were split into groups and thankfully the traffic wasn’t too manic at that time. Saw the Victoria train station and then onto a slaughter house! have never thought of being veggie until that moment! Smell was over powering and I now know what sheep’s lungs look like! Took all my self control not to yank in there but I was the first one out of the door! The zero rules on the road appeals to me and I blended in like a local within a half hour with the bell kicking off at every opportunity! The cow sanctuary holding 350 cows in the middle of the city was as random as expected and I struggled to buy into their God like qualities! Sassoon Dock and the fish market nearly finished me off but I did see my first ever Eagle Ray!

Saw the above little stunner in the market!

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