Kochi sunset cruise

Third location in Kerala and needed a tasty gaff after a couple of budget nights and frankly not feeling too chipper!

Went on a sunset cruise last night! Charade with having to wear a life jacket landed rather badly with my other half who asked how often the boats go down and refused until she was tied into it!

Most amused by the fact we had some crooner serenading us with Chris Issak at the ‘High Tea’ and then we boarded the board to some of the most banging hard house I’ve heard since my early 20’s.

I was defo the only one appreciating those tunes!

Flying back to Bombay this evening for a brief looksy at a Development Centre tomorrow before we fly back to the UK the day after!

In love with India, the food is NOT in love with me but delighted to be returning almost a stone down!

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