Differences between the Different Types of Mod in E-Cigarettes

In this article, we will understand about various types of Vape Mod.

There are three different types of the mod and all three have their own characteristics. We would like to briefly describe these types in order to give you an overview.

Electronic Mod:

The electronic mod is the first type. These mods are also known as variable mods and are characterized by the fact that you have electronic components that allow the user to electronically control the type of steam to be produced. So you can adjust the voltage and the wattage of your e-cigarette and so steam as you like it best. In the case of electronic mods, security is also capitalized. Automatically, it should come to a short circuit.

An electronic mod, also called variable mod, is equipped with electronic components and gives you the possibility to electronically control the voltage and watts output of your e-cigarette. This way you can choose how much steam you want and how strong it should be. You can use your e-cigarette exactly according to your ideas. Another good feature of electronic mods is that you can turn off all the electronics yourself if there is a short circuit in rare cases. So you do not risk battery fires.

Mechanical Mods

The mechanical mod is the second device type and this is easier and more uncomplicated. These mods are not electronic units, so they can be put into operation quickly and easily. We recommend mechanical mods for beginners. Note, however, that mechanical mods do not switch off themselves in the event of a short circuit and there is, therefore, a small risk of fire, so you should not switch off the device yourself. It would, however, take several hours before it comes to this. Mechanical Mods for all E-smokers

Mechanical mods are suitable for all steamers, both beginners, and more experienced e-smokers, and are among the best-selling products on the e-cigarette market. With a mechanical mod, you can secure a simple and user-friendly mod that does not have a variety of advanced, complex features and is therefore easy to use.

Box Mods

The last type of mods is the so-called box mod. A box mod differs from the other types in that it has no round shape but is shaped like a small box, a box. Most box mods have built-in electronic units, so you can set them just like electronic mods. A new type e-cigarette with super functions

This has ended when the Box Mod was introduced to the market. Since the box mod, there are no longer only elongated, narrow e-cigarettes. Instead, these e-cigarettes come in the form of a small box or box and that can actually have a few advantages. First, of course, the design: It can be more fun to have an e-cigarette that stands out from the crowd and friends and colleagues will surely ask what it is.

These were the various types of Best Vape Mod — Which is your favorite among these?