Learn Time-Saving Languages easily Online — 7 Stunning Websites

We have seen many who have not reached the fluency in a foreign language instead of going through the course for a lengthy period of time. Wrong method or lack of time can be the major two problems of these people. Fortunately, there are some websites to learn foreign languages in a very short span of time, even if you go through a very busy schedule. Struggling Readers or people with Auditory Processing Disorder can learn the languages using the websites too.

Learn a language ( 100-day challenge)

If you want to learn 90% of any language in less than 100 days, you can research from the language experts present, to know whether you have the capability of learning the top 1000 very popular words of any language. This 100-day challenge will notify you with 10 different words in the morning.

You will get the translation and the pronunciation with it as well as a use of the word in that language. It would take only 3–5 minutes of your day to go through the email. You will end up learning 90% of your new language by the end of 100 days.

Conversation Exchange

This also allows you to make friends online who also want to learn the language you are trying. Conversation Exchange is a platform where language learners from around the world come here to learn and practice their new target language.

It is ideal for the people who want to learn the language just for himself as a hobby because here there is no teacher-student connection. All present here are learners, and who meet and mingle here to learn and practice the language.


If you have a very busy schedule and you don’t want to hamper your schedule but also want to learn a new language, Rype would be the right choice for you. At the start, the website offers you with unlimited online language learning videos 24/7. You can book as many learning videos you want at any hour of the day or any day of the week.

The website is mainly focused on Spanish nowadays, but there being a native professional teacher behind the website, you get the right techniques to learn the language very quickly.

Michael Thomas

If you love learning just by listening to audio, Michael Thomas is the right thing for you. There are some pre-recorded audios for the learners and Michael himself interacts with the reviewers to bring the necessary changes to benefit the learners.

Just to let you know, it is a one-sided-interaction, and you may find yourself shouting out loud much to your embarrassment.


It is one of the most downloaded languages learning apps present the application store. Their playful approach to teaching the language makes it helpful for the people who are always on the go.

It is an algorithm-basedapp, so it is ideal for learning vocabulary but not so good for developing language speaking skills.


It is another app for learning a new language, but it doesn’t have a playful approach to teaching like Duolingo instead it provides a very straightforward way of teaching which helps you to learn new words and phrases of your new language.


It is a great website to memorize some very important words of your target language. There are quizzes in the website to help you know more about your new language.

To know more about this, one can go through the Orton-Gillingham Reading Instruction or Multisensory Instruction.

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