Hamilton Electors: We Must Stand Together to Sustain Progress

@Hypnopaedia13 I fully understand what you are trying to achieve, but the decisions you have before you affect the US and the world.

We can agree that Donald Trump is a clear and present danger. Not only is he unfit and unqualified, he is easily influenced by those who seek power. So much so, that powerful ppl have gone to great lengths to make him POTUS. I do not believe this election was legit. He is fighting the #recount because he knows it will invalidate him. That said, I am fairly confident MI will go to HRC. I suspect WI will as well. PA and FL also exhibit the same abnormalities. Nevertheless, with each state we take, that is less EC votes we need to flip, but only, if we can count on the 7 #HamiltonElectors to vote HRC. A protest vote with a GOP write-requires the EC voters to place their faith (and the fate of all of us) into the hands of a GOP Congress. This situation with the GOP trifecta of power is dangerous-even without Donald Trump.

Remember that GOP is not particularly unified, anyway. Remember that these are the ppl who secured a win through voter suppression and cross-check purges.

I understand that you and others were Bernie Sanders supporters. I understand that as a group you may have cultivated a dislike for HRC, but you must understand some things. The Russians and alt-Right actively promoted anti-HRC propaganda. Misinformation in this election was insanely rampant. HRC didn’t ‘cheat’ Bernie. The DNC threw their support behind HRC. They shouldn’t have done that. They did it because they knew Bernie couldn’t win. Just look at the Trump movement to know that. On the spectrum of politics in this country, that is the endpoint. Bernie is the other. I loved the sentiment behind Bernie’s proposals, but, pragmatically, I knew we weren’t there yet as a country. You have to move the dial by increments. Especially for boomers and up, socialism is a bad word. Look at the reaction by the GOP to Obamacare. Congress stymied President Obama for 8 years.

If you are serious about wanting to move the country in a progressive direction, then you need to realize it is done in steps. We need a moderate/left POTUS with a Democratic led Congress to actually get things done. HRC even worked with Bernie to adopt some of his policies. She listened to his supporters. And he supported her. A GOP POTUS with a GOP House/Senate moves us in the opposite direction by decades. We can’t afford that. Our children can’t afford that. So many of us have fought for so long for a better country for ALL of us.

This is how we do it. Support the #recount efforts. Push to #AuditTheVote. Push to declassify info regarding Russian election influence. Push @DOJ to issue an injunction on EC vote, if needed, until DT’s conflicts and Russian ties are investigated. Inform @ElectoralCollge of all information regarding Election anomalies, #recount efforts, foreign influence, etc. Deluge them with the facts. This is important. Many Republicans, especially Trump supporters, placed themselves in an echochamber. People can choose the information they are exposed to. Many do not know just how bad Trump is. Many convinced themselves that all #MSM was biased for HRC and didn’t read about all his ugliness. By the same token, HRC was utterly demonized on social media and fake news sites. Much of this stemmed from Russian and alt-Right disinformation campaigns. Lots of Bernie supporters are just as guilty of engaging with that type of anti-HRC propaganda. People want to consume news to fit their narrative. But, there are truths out there and we need to make sure the EC know them. It is their job to know them. With that information push I believe we can get enough #GOP electors to choose HRC over Trump, but we need the #HamiltonElectors to not work against us. We need to work together.

Please consider the things I have said and work with us. We have the resources to do this. We have to do this to save our country. Thank you.