Some Reminders As Primary Campaigns Begin

The 2016 election should’ve exemplified both the importance of primary behavior and stakes, but, even so, I’m seeing troubling red flags. Let’s be very clear about the function of primaries and how they fit into the actual battle between the left and the right. I’m not going to cover open primaries vs. closed primaries in this article, but you can read more about it here.

First, yes, this is your chance to vote for the candidate you would like to see run in the General Election on behalf of your party. You can choose to vote for the candidate that best represents your views, but understand endorsements from organizations may be more strategic. Meaning…they will support the candidate with the best chance of winning against the GOP in that particular district. ‘Winnability’ is key. It is completely normal for there to be front-runners in elections. This doesn’t imply inequity or that your choice is being removed.

You can campaign for, support and vote for whatever candidate you wish, but REMEMBER in the end we’re all on the same side. Hostility and negative campaigning during the primary will only bolster the GOP in their attacks on the nominee in the General Election. If the only way you know how to support your candidate is by demonizing their competition, then you are hurting your own cause.

Once primaries are over, you must be prepared to fully support the winning nominee. It’s staggering that this needs to be said. Stay civil and stay focused on the end game. The real divide is between the left and the right. Battling each other ensures the GOP wins.

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